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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nur Jazlan to Bersih: Face the consequences of playing politics

He again denies that Maria Chin was ill treated in detention.
PETALING JAYA: Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed has criticised NGOs that aren’t willing to face the consequences of their involvement in politics.
Rejecting an allegation that Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah was ill treated during her recent detention, he implied that the group was expecting special treatment.
“These people want to play politics and get involved in demonstrations, but when they are investigated they say that they are being harassed,” he told FMT.
“If they want to get involved in politics, why should they ask for special treatment?
“Was Maria injured in prison?
“There was no harassment. She was not treated differently.
“They are being investigated for allegedly receiving foreign funding and there is no form of harassment against them.”
Police are investigating Bersih for involvement in “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy”, an offence under Section 124 (c) of the Penal Code.
Nur Jazlan said the investigation might not even lead to prosecution.
“If the police suspect there is a case, then they will refer the evidence to the Attorney-General’s Chambers. The AG will then decide if there is enough evidence to prosecute.”
In a statement issued earlier, Bersih said Maria’s 11-day solitary confinement under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 was a form of torture. It told the government to stop abusing anti-terror laws.
The statement was a response to a news report quoting Nur Jazlan as saying that Maria received the same treatment accorded to any other detainee.
“We maintain that no person should ever be put through such a dehumanising and traumatising experience,” Bersih said.
It criticised Nur Jazlan for his remark, saying, “It is extremely worrying that an individual of his standing sees nothing immoral about treating someone as less than human.” -FMT

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