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Saturday, December 24, 2016

MP: Jamal's jibe at Siti Nurhaliza an insult to all women

Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos has received a ticking off for his vulgar remarks against singer Siti Nurhaliza on social media.
PKR Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh said Jamal's attack against the artiste was “offensive, sexist and insulting to women”.
“I am sure many women will feel humiliated when Jamal insulted Siti Nurhaliza (photo) with words calling her infertile,” she said in a statement on WhatsApp.
“Such a statement insults God's creation, because the gift of a child is a blessing from Allah and not simply the will of women,” she said.
She was referring to the social media verbal tiff between the notorious Umno grassroots leader and the singer, who had criticised the former's towel protest in Shah Alam over the Selangor water disruption this week.
Jamal shot back with crass insults related to Siti Nurhaliza's private life, according to a report on Free Malaysia Today.

Fuziah said Jamal's retort was “vulgar” and “excessive”, particularly towards a woman.
“(Such language) should not have been used by a Umno division chief, especially one who bears the title 'datuk', as such a title demands proper manners and morals,” she said.
The MP said Jamal's behaviour was unbecoming, reminding him his wife and mother were also women who would be offended to hear such remarks.

Meanwhile in response to a tweet from a fan on the matter on Thursday, Siti threw another brickbat at Jamal, without naming him directly.

"It's ok sis, let them. Words from people like that do not effect me as I know they spoke without using the brains that Allah gave them," she tweeted in Malay.
takpe dik, biarkan mereka .kata2 org macam ni tak memberi kesan pada saya sbb saya tahu mereka cakap tak guna otak yang Allah SWT kurniakan.

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