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Friday, December 23, 2016


Wanita MCA is shocked and outraged that about 30 male supporters of Red Shirts leader Dato’ Sri Jamal Yunos had allegedly descended upon PKR supporter Syarul Ema Rena Abu Samah or better known as ‘Naga Ratu’ where they were reported to have pelted her with paint, eggs, water, and where the attackers even punched her and the projectiles had hit her face.
Although MCA and PKR sit on opposite sides of the political divide, nevertheless, an assault against any person irrespective of gender is unacceptable and against the law. What more, when we have 30 MEN flinging projectiles unto a WOMAN. This dastardly violence by 30 men must be denounced with police action taken against them. More so, 30 men ganging up to physically assail one solitary woman betrays their pathetic cowardice, mob rule whereby they need the strength of numbers to intimidate and quell a solo female.
Where is Jamal’s “manly bravado” which he so proudly displayed wrapped in towels outside the Selangor state Secretariat? How come suddenly amidst the melee, he is not man enough and has to flee into the safety and comfort of his house,  deserting his followers to trash a lone Ratu Naga?
Acknowledging that Ratu Naga’s action of forwarding a bottle of water to Jamal was sarcastic political show-play intended to incite irritancy from Jamal’s camp, nevertheless, Jamal’s supporters should have known better and be smart enough to not have reacted the way they did which is what the Opposition wants.
On the contrary, Jamal’s followers could have either rejected the bottle, or just accept it calmly and make a political statement about how incompetent the PKR-led Selangor Pakatan state government is to have allowed SPAN to abruptly announce a 6-day water disruption affecting 3.9million Klang Valley consumers due to the TNB Bukit Sadong substation maintenance during the week when Chinese community celebrate Dongzi or Winter Solstice Festival on its eve on 21 December 2016, and as Christians and holidaymakers prepare for family reunions and end-of-the-year get-togethers where water is much needed.
Cops must act against Jamal Yunos’ supporters who attacked a lady
The actions of the assailants are no different than the lynch mobs by the Klu Klux Klan in the American South and cannot be let off the hook. The police must intervene.
For too long, Jamal Yunos and his supporters are perceived to have no action taken against them – be they as Red Shirts protestors giving flying-kicks unto BErsih 5 convoys or roughing up media personnel from The Star and Malaysiakini.
Hence, the appearance of reticence on the part of the police to take action against Jamal’s supporters and Red Shirts assailants has certainly emboldened Jamal and his followers to turn the law of the land into the law of the jungles. Hence, it is pertinent that the police must not only take action against Jamal’s supporters, the cops must also be seen to be taking action against them. They must be charged with assault, intimidation, stalking, creating a public nuisance, etc. Otherwise, it could set a bad precedence to the public especially among the young.
Datuk Heng Seai Kie
Wanita MCA Chairman
Adviser on National Unity & Integration in the Prime Minister’s Department

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