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Friday, December 23, 2016

Nur Jazlan: Zakir Naik is not on the terror list pasai hang bod_h macam nak mampus !

  • Mediu under cloud after two students arrested for links to ISIS
    Mediu university under investigation by Bukit Aman
  • Police found IS targeted Mediu students for recruitment
  • Mediu posted photos of Zakir’s “visit to view university’s unique, achievements
  • Zakir shared warm embrace with rector Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi
  • Zakir under intn'l scrutiny after 2 militants in Dhaka attack said inspired by Zakir
  • Indian govt slapped five-year ban on his Islamic Research Foundation

Well what do you know - the Salafi terrorist mentor Zakir Naik visited the same Salafi university in Shah Alam where our Police arrested two ISIS terrorists who were enrolled there as students.  

And what did Dep Home Minister Nur Jazlan say? 

fugitive in India, controversial preacher Zakir Naik 
free to travel in M'sia because he is not on terror list Nur Jazlan said.
“He is free to travel. He is not on terror list here,” Nur Jazlan told Malay Mail 

despite being on terror alert list in home country, India.
on the run to avoid prosecution in India.
The Salafi preacher banned from Bangladesh, Canada and UK.
Zakir honoured by M'sian gomen with 2013 Tokoh Maal Hijrah award

See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/deputy-home-minister-zakir-naik-welcome-as-not-on-malaysias-terror-list#sthash.bgP0oXVm.dpuf

A commenter in Malay Mail says:

Something is terribly wrong in Malaysia's Umno govt. 
1MDB has been plagued with problems, yet in Malaysia, no one was arrested. 
In other countries (S'pore), people connected with 1MDB already put in jail.  
Zakir Naik found to be a terrorist and spread terrorism teachings. 
He was banned in many countries. 
Yet in Malaysia he was welcomed. 
The Al-Madinah University, which Zakir visits, has students arrested for IS 
yet Umno govt said he's welcomed. 
We tell the world that we are against IS
here we welcome a man who has record of spreading terrorist teachings.

Yes there is something wrong with this UMNO gomen. After intense study and pondering for about 5 minutes, I have narrowed it down to this - BODOH !

These village idiots running the country are just BODOH.

The Arab, Indian, Pakistani terrorists and mentors of terrorism, the IS terrorists all know this very well.

What do they know? They know that the locals are just BODOH.


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