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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Najib's Keynote Speech : "Sabun saya sudah habis.."

 "..jadi saya kena seronok dengan DAP lah."


Umno mesti pertahankan MARUAH Bangsa Melayu saperti gambar ini, 
supaya mereka terus bergantung pada UMNO dan  pemimpin Umno 
terus dapat sesatkan Melayu dengan kebodohan mutlak.

tells members Malays will suffer if the DAP comes to power

Najib singled out DAP, warning “secular party” would destroy Bumi rights and institutions reserved for the community should it come to power.
Mara, Felda, Risda, Felcra, Teraju would become extinct 

My comments :  But surprisingly even the Malays in Penang are now doing very well under DAP.  Especially the business people. Business is good in Penang for everyone, including the Malays.  

Under Najib, Mara has no money. No more scholarships and Mara loans. Felda and FGV are making losses, peneroka Felda are paid 45 days after harvest,

Najib said the DAP was a party that championed “extreme liberalism and secularism” which would negate Umno’s struggle all these years.

“I believe that the Malays and Bumipuetra community will be worried and live in fear.”

Should DAP come to power, Najib warned, Islamic institutions would not be taken seriously.

“Islamic institutions like Lembaga Tabung Haji, Jakim, Jawhar, the Zakat board will undermined,” he claimed.

Umno, he stressed, was the only party that could secure the future of the Malays.

My comments : Liberal? Secular? Kepala _ _ _ _ h  hang. 

Your wife's son has made a movie 'Kambing of the Kampong' which has broken the Hollywood record for the 'f' word - used 506 times in that movie. And he made the movie using money stolen from the public.

In Malaysia that movie has been banned. Your wife attended the premier of that movie. Here is a question : did you get Hadi Awang to read the doa selamat at the movie premier? No? Why not?

Too many perempuan bogel ke ? Nanti kena heart attack sekali lagi.

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