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Friday, December 9, 2016

Right Wing Rises Throughout Europe.

The Europeans are realising (perhaps decades late) that their experiment to extend their liberalism to immigrants from everywhere, especially the Islamic countries, is not working.   Not only can these migrants NOT integrate or assimilate, but they want to establish in their adopted European countries the same failed belief systems that made them migrants in the first place. Europe which has given them shelter and a second chance at life.

Maybe after 50 years or so of being liberal towards these migrants, Europe is becoming more right wing.

Last week the French people voted in their party primaries, just like the US. A fellow called Francois Fillon has won the nomination of the French Republican party to run for President of France next year. 

He will be facing ultra-rightist Marine Le Pen (a woman) who heads the Nationalist Party.

Here is some news :

French conservatives picked Francois Fillon as presidential candidate next year

Fillon 62, a lawyer, served as prime minister 2007 - 2012 under Sarkozy.
social conservative who has talked of :
  1. ending France's famed 35-hour work week
  2. getting tough with trade unions
  3. cutting public spending
  4. abolishing wealth tax
  5. reducing immigration 
  6. investing billions in security, defense and justice
 5. and 6. above refer to Muslims and Islamic terrorism related problems.  Even the French Republicans are adopting a harder 'anti immigration' stance. They are also becoming increasingly cleverer in dealing with Islamic countries.  

Over in Germany, extremely liberal and immigrant friendly Angela Merkel, who will likely lose the German elections (also next year)  because of her disastrous  'pro immigration' policy is also doing an about turn to wards Muslim immigrants. Merkel now wants to ban the burqa in Germany.

Merkel's about turn is perhaps due to Germans being totally shocked that even most recently arrived Muslim immigrants into Germany are raping and murdering Germans in the most barbaric manner. 

The most current rape-murder that has grabbed the German media is that of a 19 year old German medical student who was volunteering her services at a refugee centre. An immigrant Afghan Muslim raped and then killed Maria L. 

  • "For days now photographs of a smiling young woman have haunted German newspaper headlines and online news sites. 
  • Maria L was 19 when she was murdered in October (2016).  The circumstances of her death are horrifying.
  • Germans sickened by revelations that a teenage Afghan asylum seeker responsible for the rape and drowning of the young medical student, who volunteered for a charity that helped refugees.  
  • The news has reignited a national debate over whether Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to open Germany's doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees has put her citizens in danger."

Over in the UK, there is a huge crack developing between slicker-than-Tony-Blair Prime Minister Theresa May and UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson, who may become Prime Minister one day if he fixes his teeth and gets a new hairstylist, appears to be more right wing, anti immigration and anti Saudi Arabia.  This is at great odds with Theresa May's position.  Here is some news:

Johnson's Views on Saudi Arabia Not Reflecting UK Position

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's statements about policy of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East do not reflect the position of UK government, UK Prime Minister's Office said.

Johnson stated at 2016 Mediterranean Dialogues conference in Rome last week that Saudi Arabia, alongside with Iran, were engaged in "proxy wars" in the Middle East, pursuing their own political objectives amid the absence of "visionary leadership" in the region, according to Johnson's remarks published in The Guardian on Thursday. 

"Those are the foreign secretary’s views, they are not the government’s views on Saudi and its role in the region," Theresa May’s spokeswoman was quoted 

May wanted to build up strong relationship with Saudi Arabia and supported the Saudi-led coalition against Houthi fighters in Yemen. The UK government has repeatedly been blamed by humanitarian organizations, including Oxfam and Amnesty International, for fueling the Yemeni military conflict by supplying Saudi Arabia with arms. 

What a lark. The British Foreign Minister was speaking in his official capacity, representing the UK at an international conference in Rome. 

Now the British Prime Minister has publicly chastised her own Foreign Minister !!

I think Boris Johnson should resign as Foreign Secretary. This is very embarrassing indeed.

Boris Johnson is definitely more 'right wing', or becoming more right wing - not unlike Francois Fillon or Angela Merkel.

The point I am making is that even in the UK, there is a growing impatience with Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and perhaps by extension with Muslim issues.  To the extent that Foreign Ministers can publicly disagree with the Prime Minister on their policy towards Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

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