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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Walkout at Royal Selangor Club EGM

The Royal Selangor Club, the nation's first country club, entered a crisis mode when members walked out of the emergency general meeting (EGM) today.
The club's EGM came to an abrupt halt at about noon as members, two former presidents and officials walked out claiming they were not allowed to express views.
However, the meeting continued with about 130 members.
Members signed a petition to call another emergency general meeting citing high-handedness of the general committee which did not allow members to air their views over the alleged violation of the club's constitution.
General manager/secretary Ramesh Menon posted a notice that another EGM would be held on Jan 26, 2017. The agenda for the new EGM includes to consider the appeal against the suspension of member R Nadeswaran.
The EGM ​today was ​held to discuss matters raised by two former presidents Ronald Quay and Karu Selvaratnam, which include suspension of a member ​and a vote of no confidence against the general council (GC).
In a circular to members, unhappy former leaders of the club alleged Nadeswaran's membership suspension breached the club's constitution.
Firstly, the general committee had revoked the powers of the disciplinary board, which they say is in breach of the constitution. They argue the board's powers can only be revoked by the house of members.
Secondly, the general committee had also contemplated in suspending the president of the club and another general committee member, they said.
President: Disciplinary board exceeded its powers
Club president Poovi Maniam had in a notice to members announced the disciplinary board's functions are suspended as the board had "exceeded its jurisdiction and not adhered to due processes".
He also said the GC is the supreme governing body of the club, according to the club's constitution.
He also said flyers distributed using the club's logo are "misleading" and "grossly distort the truth... about the current state of affairs in the Royal Selangor Club".

"It is not a practice of the club to respond to flyers circulated by anonymous persons who may or not be bona-fide members of the club; more so when the contents are largely fabricated and extremely short of facts.
“However, we consider it important and necessary to make an exception as both flyers involved the unauthorised use of the club’s logo.
"To compound the situation one of them carries a headline 'CLUB IN CRISIS!' with the club’s logo,” he said.- Mkini

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