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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Afif: Umno 'recruiting' uni students to attend anniversary do

A PKR youth leader today condemned the alleged involvement of university students in Umno's 71st anniversary celebrations in Bukit Jalil today. 
The party's national deputy youth chief Afif Bahardin claimed he received a WhatsApp message from a local university staff regarding the matter. 
"There is a concerted effort to manipulate and mobilise students in Shah Alam to attend the event in Bukit Jalil.
"We suspect that the program involves Umno's 71 anniversary celebrations," said Afif, who is also Penang executive councillor, in a press conference in Seberang Jaya. 
Afif also forwarded copies of the WhatsApp message during the press conference and slammed Umno for not only allegedly manipulating students, but for "tricking" them into attending the event. 
"The students are actually used to fill up the stadium," Afif alleged. 
He then demanded the head of the university to explain why students were given the approval to be absent from lectures to attend the programme. 
"Attending lectures is the main duty of a university student," he said, while demanding the amount of allocation put aside for the students' "recruitment" exercise. 

He also wants to know whether the funds to provide the students for transport, food, t-shirts and certificates, as promised in the WhatsApp message, is footed by Umno or the university involved. 
Umno will have its biggest ever anniversary celebration, with an expected participation of 140,000 members nationwide at the Bukit Jalil Stadium tonight, before the party prepares for the coming general election.
The party is offering cars, bikes and other prizes in a lucky draw open to members and new members who are registered as voters on the actual celebration day today, May 11.- Mkini

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