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Monday, May 29, 2017

Annuar explains 'die in Umno' remark

Umno information chief Annuar Musa has laughed off criticism against him after he expressed desire to "die in Umno".
He was condemned online after he was quoted as saying so, with many critics saying a Muslim's goal should be to "die a Muslim" not to "die in Umno".
Commenting on it today, Annuar said critics do not understand the context of his statement.
"At that event, I had recited the Ali Imran chapter of the Quran, verses 102 and 103, which talk about dying as a Muslim.
"(I had said) when it comes to partisan politics, I am grateful to remain with Umno's struggles and God-willing, I will remain steadfast until my last days," he wrote on his Facebook page.
Annuar added that the verses he recited called on the faithful to remain steadfast with Islam until they die.
"Perhaps the reporter was not adept enough to include the part when I recited the Quranic verse.
"That is the standard of our reporters, and response too came from those who thought they're smart," he said.

Annuar said by condemning him, those fasting during Ramadan are squandering the divine rewards promised to them for fasting.
"It's easy to gain divine rewards (pahala) and it's also easy to commit sins," he said.
Even so, Annuar added that he has forgiven his critics and wished them all a good Ramadan.- Mkini

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