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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Despite 'threats', Bersatu event at Felda area will proceed

A Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) event at Felda Palong 7 in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan will proceed tonight despite alleged threats to the event venue owner from Felda.
Jempol Bersatu division head Baharudin Ahmad said that they have the necessary papers to hold the event and that they have also obtained police permission to proceed.
However, Baharudin was unable to confirm the veracity of a letter, purportedly from the management of Felda Palong 7, to the owner of a house that will host the event.
The letter warned the house owner that he would be held liable if untoward incidents were to occur, or if the speakers at the event were to criticise Felda's policies.
Attempts to contact the Felda Palong 7 management for comments have been unsuccessful.

Regardless of the authenticity of the letter, Baharudin said, the Felda Palong 7 management has no right to stop the settler from hosting the event.
"He already has the land title. Whatever he wants to do with his house is his business," Baharudin said when contacted this afternoon.
The event at Felda Palong 7 tonight will feature Bersatu deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir.- Mkini

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