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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Selangor denies revoking no free plastic bags ruling

The no free plastic bag ruling in Selangor has not been revoked, state Tourism, Consumer Affiars and Environment Committee chairperson Elizabeth Wong said today. 
She said this to reporters at the #PeopleCentric event in Petaling Jaya, in response to an article in the Malaysia Gazette that said beginning May 1, several supermarkets in Shah Alam and Klang have stopped charging 20 sens for plastic bags to customers, upon instruction by their managements. 
Wong, in denying the report, said businesses which decline to abide the ruling could risk having their operation licences cancelled. 
"They can be fined up to three times, after which their licences will be revoked," she said, adding that besides the crackdown on plastic bags, the state government has also barred businesses from using polystyrene foam packaging or containers. 

According to Wong, local authoritity enforcement officers conduct frequent checks on the ground to ensure business owners followed the stipulated rules. 
She also revealed that the state government is planning to expand the no free plastic bag ruling to Ramadhan bazaars during the fasting month, which falls at the end of this month. 
Selangor initially kicked off its no free plastic bag ruling once a week, back in 2010 but it has since been expanded to every day of the week, starting this year.- Mkini

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