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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ISIS Buying guns from Pattani Militants.

May 4 2017

Wanndy Jedi hiding from ISIS executioners after pocketing donations 

faked own death,  on the run from ISIS after stealing donations 

police aired doubts that Wanndy Jedi died in drone strike 
Wanndy stole from bank account of student 

subject gave Wanndy her bank account number
money she deposited used by Wanndy
she felt cheated by him

26-year medical student arrested in crackdown 
police uncovered evidence of marriage arrangements

arms purchased from jihadis in southern Thailand
woman arrested at KLIA on 4 April
In Feb detained in Turkey while waiting for instructions to cross border 
She waited for months for instructions that never came

engaged to IS fighter Ismail Hosain 
recruited through Facebook, WhatsApp 
fell in love with the jihadi online
Ismail promised he would make her his wife 
woman now behind bars

Wanndy wanted for execution by ISIS 

My comments : This is just more cerita bodoh. Because these kids learn almost no ethics or good values in tadika, at primary school, at secondary school, in religious classes, or even from university and especially NOT from their parents and their religious teachers.  Even a university education does not help them overcome the lack of values.  

They can do "online dating" with uncivilised, semi-humans who they already know behead and kill human beings and then 'fall in love' with them and then travel to Turkey and wait like idiots  for their semi-human online boyfriends to come and collect them.  In this case the girl waited for months and no one showed up. Then the crooks also emptied her bank account.   And this was a medical student ?? How stupid can you get?

Dont flinch dear Muslim reader. It could be your daughter, niece, sister, son, nephew or brother next.  You all have it in you to become the nect cuckoo.

But today I was actually attracted by this line :   arms purchased from jihadis in southern Thailand

Here is some recent news about this :


ISIS cell found smuggling weapons into Malaysia
police arrested six people in swoop 
2 militants in Kelantan smuggling weapons from south Thailand 
Kelantan militants stockpiled them for a year for attacks, say police 

cell based in Kelantan that borders Thailand
1st time security forces uncovered weapon-smuggling linked to (ISIS)

smuggling weapons for a year, could be longer" source told Star 
weapons brought into Malaysia were pump gun, Colt M4 Carbine and Glock

cell had 5 semi-automatic pistols, pump gun, Colt M4 Carbine
could be more authorities have not found," source said.

2 ISIS members arrested in Kelantan on March 24 - 25
another escaped to Golok 

IGP confirmed arrests in Kelantan of 2 militants
involved in smuggling weapons from south Thailand for ISIS 

police looking for Muzaffa Arieff Junaidi from Rantau Panjang, north Kelantan
27-year-old is the third member of the terror cell

My comments :  So the Patani militants are now opening a side business. They are now selling guns to ISIS militants across the border in Kelantan.  I told you the Patani problem will spillover into Kelantan.

Just the other day a Patani militant detonated a bomb by pulling the detonation wire from across the Sungai Golok from inside Kelantan.

Now we are reading that ISIS guys are buying weapons from the same Patani militants.  Aside from fighting for autonomy, the Patani militants are engaging in some side business. 

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