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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Farouk A. Peru: Understanding Malaysia’s Sneaky Wahabi Menace

Here is Farouk Peru going after the "Sneaky Wahabis".

Malaysia is in a lot of trouble with Islamofascists

They are invading many areas in our lives. 

From Mat Skodengs to misogynistic Syariah courts, to tricky old politicians using ancient Arabic laws in new bottles (called RUU 355) to gain political mileage with the Islamic demographic. 

As if all these weren’t enough, we also have the menace of Wahabism quietly sneaking in our midst since the last few decades.


That the mufti of Perlis, Dr Maza is a Wahabi is an open secret. 
He doesn’t say it and neither do his associates but its clear from his discourse

Wahabis will never call themselves ‘wahabis’ because it is pejorative 
there is the friendlier ‘salaf as-salih’ [(the followers of) the pious predecessors]. 
Wahabis tell Muslims to eliminate all bid’aat (innovations) 
and keep to authentic religion of Islam as taught by the Prophet. 

they claim they have the most authentic hadith
question even the most ‘authentic’ hadith. 


emerging Wahabi on the horizon – Rozaimi Ramle. 
Rozaimi on panel with Maza (before ‘Paria-gate’ when he was still half decent) 

together they tried to perform acrobatic apologetics for Ibn Taimiya
Ibn Taimiya had some warped views 
Wahabis love his literalist approach to Islam which inspired them 
they get very squirelly when you ask them if God has two hands (Quran 5:64) 
Their literalism cannot accommodate the figurative language of the Quran

They also denounce everyone else (tasfiyah)
Ibn Taimiya called sufis ‘allies of satan’ (awliya as-shaitaan) 
because they do not follow his version of Sunnah 
Very fanatical people indeed

Yesterday, Rozaimi took on Hadi on RUU 355. 
He was ‘doing a Maza’, showing RUU 355 not literally in the Quran / Hadith 
However this really showed Rozaimi’s Wahabiness 
Wahabis totally eschew any analogical reasoning
I totally oppose RUU 355
I also oppose the irrational literalism of the Wahabis. 

The answer is very simple – 
none of these laws are Quranic 
they need to be unceremoniously removed

Rozaimi was simply making a play for support
just like the arch-Wahabi, Dr Maza himself.

  • today Rozaimi actually exposed his real view 
  • He wants hudud to apply equally to non-Muslims 
  • Unsurprisingly, this is also Maza’s position
  • This is the true face of Wahabi supremacism 

They wish to subjugate everyone to their brand of Islamofascism
we will become another Saudi Arabia.

All right thinking Malaysians – open your eyes to Wahabism. 
They are another form of Islamofascism and must be boycotted

My comments : I met Rozaimi Ramle once - at a lunch meeting with the G25.

The problem with the Malay Muslim discourse in Malaysia is that it is so limited. 

This is true in all areas of intellectual discourse. The reason being we have NOT nurtured world class intellect. The Malay discourse is so damned over protected and "subsidy dependent"  that  it has become extremely stunted (menjadi kerdil).

Take religious discourse. You can have total idiots like Ustaz Ferrari  pulling a stadium full of  dim witted people who have no critical thinking skills.

You have clowns like Hadi Awang and the PAS gang who are nothing more than village preachers bringing village politics to the national level. 

Then you have the so called educated fellows with their PhDs and such.  They are all in the same village level of discourse.

There is a simple reason for their tardiness : 3,5,6.  

3,5,6 means three years jail, five thousand Ringgit fine and six strokes of the rotan under the Enakmen Jenayah Syariah for anyone who says anything that is not accepted by the orthodoxy.

This is the "law" they have used against anyone at all who says something not liked by them.   

So at the end of the day, all these folks - Wahabis, non Wahabis, Salafis, Sufis, whoever are all protected by these 3,5,6 Laws.  

Whether they agree or disagree, the 3,5,6 Laws are a sort of 'legal subsidy' - a legal umbrella under which they can talk all sorts of rubbish without fear of being challenged by people who know differently from them.     

So in Malaysia, over the past decades, under this type of 'legal subsidy' protection, what has developed is actually a 'kebaculan intelek' or 'intellectual cowardice' among the Malay Muslim religious people  (sorry I cannot call them intelligentsia). 

For example, without going into specifics, here is something they cannot deal with : "haatu burhanukum inkuntum sadiqeen" which means "bring your proofs if you are truthful".  This is in the Quran.

If you are truthful then bring proofs for what you believe in? Isnt that a simple request?

Yet these folks cannot bring a single shred of evidence for their beliefs. It is just hentam buta saja. 

That is why they need the 3,5,6 laws. When they cannot answer questions, they will throw you in jail. 

The only profession in the world which is protected by criminal legislation - you question the religious people and they can throw you in jail. Just for disagreeing with them.   Fulamak ! Waa-lau-eh !

Hence they have become intellectual cowards. This is a sad fate.    

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