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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Indonesians follow Malaysia on religious intolerance

YOURSAY | ‘With all these blasphemy laws, are Indonesians better Muslims?’
Gaji Buta: Let me get this straight. Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or Ahok, said Muslims should not be deceived into believing that the Quran says Muslims should not vote for non-Muslims, as claimed by his opponents.
So what he said has been decided by the court as wrong. Which means the Indonesian court's rationale is that the Quran actually says that Muslims should not vote for non-Muslims. Otherwise, how can he be charged with blasphemy?
Since Muslims in Malaysia also use the same Quran, then by extension, I suppose, they are also expected to believe the same thing. Every day, I learn something new about my neighbours and colleagues.
Blue Mountains: Who says Islamic laws do not affect non-Muslims?
Pemerhati: Quote from Asia Sentinel - Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch said, “What this portends is very worrisome - because if someone as senior as the sitting governor of Jakarta, the country’s largest city, can be taken down this way, who is next?
“This is a fundamentally rights abusing law that should be stripped off the books and never replaced because it has such a burden on freedom of expression and religious freedom.”
Robertson predicted “the beginning of a very dark chapter in Indonesia, where non-Muslims could be prosecuted and sent to prison simply for discussing Islam in any way other than prescribed by the Indonesian Ulama Council.”
“Ahok is certainly the best governor Jakarta has ever had,” a businessman said. “He is transforming the city’s infrastructure while overhauling municipal services, ending the city’s massive flooding problems and done little things like make it possible to get potholes repaired without bribes. His reward? A jail term for a medieval crime he didn’t commit.”
Raja Chulan: All the good work Ahok has done for Jakarta and its people as their governor notwithstanding, with one slip of the tongue he is accused of blasphemy and sentenced to two years in jail.
Religious believers claim their religion is the most compassionate, most merciful, most fair, etc. Judge for yourself.
What's worse is that the prosecutors only asked for one year of probation but the judges sentenced him to two years’ jail. Will President Joko Widodo aka Jokowi pardon Ahok now?
Non-Evader: Go to jail because of blasphemy?
Fundamentally, the study of science is blasphemy because these studies always reveal facts that are contradictory to religious beliefs. So, eliminate all scientific studies?
But then, everyone can't get enough of all of the scientific discoveries: air-conditioning, cars, handphones, etc.
Clever Voter: Indonesia along with Turkey, Malaysia, and other countries were once known as secular states.
The world was led to believe that while Islam was the state religion, its treatment of all its citizens would be equal, regardless of religion.
This is no longer the case as each of these states has taken the dictatorial route, where the line between politics and religion has slowly but surely disappeared.
Such uncharted territories bring complexity but rigidity in its interpretation.
Anonymous #69337042: Ahok worked so hard and sacrificed so much for his homeland. Now he is punished because he is a Christian and a non-Muslim minority.
Will this lesson taught to Ahok serve as a mirror to good non-Muslim politicians here?
Justice Now!: This is the end of Pancasila - just when Indonesia is becoming a great democratic nation.
This will be the turning point for Indonesia after so many years of progress. Indeed, this is very unfortunate for the tens of millions of right-minded Indonesians.
Annonymous: Yes, Indonesia, a once united and progressive nation, is slowly but surely turning into an extremist and racist state, influenced by the same supremacist Islamic bigots similar to Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin and Indian preacher turned Malaysian permanent resident Zakir Naik, who declared that only Muslims must rule over others, even though those “others” could be more competent, non-corrupt, just and God-fearing leaders.
We cry for Indonesia, which is now copying extremist countries abusing religion and spewing racism and threats of violence to ensure the might of the corrupt majority rule over the rights of the minorities.
Cocomomo: Indonesia which was progressing well is now disappointingly on a downward trend. May God have mercy on those who spew hatred and disunity.
Bob the Builder: With all these blasphemy laws, are Indonesians better Muslims? Can Indonesia progress with all kinds of religious laws surrounding it?
Anonymous 444981488553970: It’s sad for Indonesia. I hope Indonesia fights for justice and righteousness for all their people.
In the end, God knows our hearts, whether we have blasphemed Him or not. Surely, God is well able to defend His honour.
Anonymous 122461436161429: A good and exemplary man and citizen gets jailed for making an innocent statement about Islam.
On the other hand, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang calls his fellow Malaysians “children of excrement”, and walks around in his robes claiming to be God’s holy man.

What the difference? It's all done in the name of Islam.
Anonymous_4056: This clearly shows Islam does not afford equal protection for all.- Mkini

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