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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Malaysia Menjadi Tong Sampah Antarabangsa Untuk Pengganas Militan


This is from M'kini : http://m.malaysiakini.com/news/382348

M'sia "dumping ground" for foreigners turned away from Syria trying to join ISIS

over 30 individuals, "high risk", sent to M'sia without knowledge of Msian authorities 
made possible by M'sia's visa-free policy and its Muslim nation status

they were not supposed to be sent to Malaysia
We have become dumping ground
we are visa-free nation for many countries
we are a Muslim nation," said one source 

these foreigners arrested in Istanbul, Turkey
they were given option to be sent to Malaysia

28 such foreigners have been reportedly traced.

countries who want to 'persona non grata' individuals 
secure travel documents for them to enter Malaysia 

M'sian authorities alerted after individuals entered the country
by then, they had already gone under the radar.

Special Branch acknowledge the "dangerous" trend
raise possibility of attacks planned in Malaysia by foreigners

My comments : In the 1990s I used to meet the people from the Iraqi Embassy here in KL.   I was involved with some NGO people to ship some medicine as aid to Iraq.  They finally did not want the aid.  Some of them were ok but others were downright rude. One of them went about saying 'Malaysians are stupid'. This was in the 1990s. 

The guy was correct.  This news report shows how stupid we are. And when you are stupid other 'Islamic' countries take advantage of your stupidity.

What this news report above does not mention is that the country that keeps sending these ISIS terrorists to Malaysia is none other than Turkey.

Terrorists from all over the world try to go and join ISIS in Syria through Turkey. The Turks arrest some of them. Instead of deporting these terrorists back to their home countries, the Turks ship them off to Malaysia.

Why? Because Malaysians are stupid. 

We have waived visa requirements for so many Islamic countries. Or we give them VOA - Visa On Arrival. 

So all the trash and the rubbish ends up coming to Malaysia.

This report is originally from the News Straits Times and is attributed to intelligence sources.

Rest assured this news will not appear in Utusan Meloya, Berita Hairan or Haram-kah. Cerita hantu, seks, skandals, agama and politik are much more popular than stories about ISIS rejects being dumped in Malaysia. 

After these ISIS rejects are Muslims. 

Apa nak buat? Malaysians are stupid.

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