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Friday, May 19, 2017

PKR won't be held to ransom, says Azmin

PKR will not be held to ransom by any political party or individual, PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali said.
"Crisis is not necessarily a problem, but it is an opportunity for PKR to appear as a peacemaker and a leader for the future.
"Yet, at the same time, PKR will not allow anyone, be it a political party or an individual, to hold us to ransom... we will fight them to the end," Azmin said in his officiating speech at the national PKR Women and Youth congress opening ceremony in Petaling Jaya tonight.
While he admitted that there are different views and approaches to issues, he said this does not mean PKR should get into a dispute and destroy the strength of its political cooperation built through Barisan Alternatif, Pakatan Rakyat and now Pakatan Harapan.
At a press conference later, Azmin was asked to clarify who was holding PKR to ransom.
However, he chose to remain coy and refused to give a straight answer.
Q: You mentioned in your speech that PKR won't let anyone hold the party ransom. Who do you mean?
Azmin: It is up to you to speculate.
Q: You certainly had a meaning to express?
Azmin, smiling: That is what I meant, any individual and political parties. (It) can be Umno.
Q: Is it PAS?
Azmin: I don't know. You decide.
On May 11, the PAS Dewan Syura decided to sever all political cooperation with PKR, following a motion approved during the PAS muktamar earlier in the same month.
Though PKR has decided to vacate all political appointments in the PAS-led Kelantan government, the fate of the three PAS executive councillors in the PKR-led Selangor government still remains to be seen.
In Azmin's speech tonight, he also extolled Selangor's achievements, saying that he was doing so because there have been attempts by certain quarters of late to undermine Selangor's success and stability.
"They have thrown accusations, created polemic and initiated provocation.
"Anyone, be it an individual or a group, who tries to threaten the stability of Selangor, they are traitors of the people. They are our enemy and we will fight them to the end," he said.
At the press conference later, he said there was no issue in Selangor right now, despite rumours.

The Selangor government is stable and continues to have a strong mandate from the rakyat, Azmin said.
He also still has strong support from all the state assemblypersons from the backbenchers club, he added.
"There is no issue in Selangor, no crisis in Selangor. We want to move on and focus on the coming election," he said. -Mkini

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