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Sunday, May 14, 2017

We 'Wanda' if they are going to bail out 1MDB

YOURSAY | ‘How I wish our PM had the vision to build this country up with our own resources and capabilities, made in Malaysia by the people of Malaysia and for the people of Malaysia.’
Just a Malaysian: There seems to a hurry to sell such a big piece of prime land in KL. Setelah sorak sorak di Bukit Jalil, kampung sekarang digadai (after the chest beating in Bukit Jalil, they are pawning off our kampungs).
Oscar Kilo: I 'Wanda' if the goal is for them to bail out 1MDB? There is no free lunch.
Retnam: China Real Engineering Corporation (IWH-CREC) consortium boasted that Bandar Malaysia will have the largest underground city in the world, it will have the headquarters of the China Railway Company, that it will be the hub of the railway network connecting the whole of Asia, and blah, blah, blah.
Now they have said point blank that CREC could not fulfil their obligations and CREC is pokkai (bankrupt). Yet, China can take this insult. Nobody else dares to play out mighty China in such a humiliating manner, except for one individual.
Anonymous 2415891461978791: Why build white elephants one building at a time, when you can build entire ghost cities on the Chinese model and spawn lots of humorous YouTube videos about Malaysia's vision and "leadership"?
Wg321: Wanda's men will be shocked when they find out that there are plenty of mega sink holes, which may be filled with water, under the Sungei Besi limestone area where they are supposed to build Bandar Malaysia.
It is going to be an engineer's nightmare. When he builds a 30-storey building, it may end up being 15 storeys because of sinkholes.
Do you know that the Petronas Twin Tower was built 60 meters away from its original site precisely because of limestone sinkholes?
Anonymous 1869301444031055: Chinese investors, be it Dalian Wanda or CREC, will not be that silly. They know Kuala Lumpur high-end condominiums are on fire sale. The market studies clearly show the property market in KL is oversupplied, as supply has outstripped demand, coupled with factors such as flash floods and limestone sites that would cost a bomb in engineering.
There's also the fact that KL is not suitable for a theme park due to our hot weather.
In the end, the whole Bandar Malaysia plan will be shelved. Please stop daydreaming. The Chinese are not that naive. It's only that Putrajaya is super greedy. China investments are more based on military strategies, especially in the Straits of Malacca.
What they badly want is Labuan because of the Spratly Islands, not your so-called Bandar Malaysia.
Just how naive can Najib and his minders be? By building non-stop mini-city, Malaysia will not become a high-income nation. Housing and education are the priority, not crazy Bandar Malaysia.
Donplaypuks: This is the same thing that the serial liars and 1MDB defrauders said last year, when awarding the 60 percent stake in Bandar Malaysia to the IWH-CREC consortium.
Why the sudden sacking of IWH-CREC with no discussions with them? Where is the guarantee that Najib will not sack 'Wonder Wanda' later if some other crony 'fraudtrepreneur' comes along?
Odin Tajué: Wow! What a wanda-ful city-within-a-city Malaysians will get to enjoy! You cannot deny that Najib Abdul Razak is Malaysia’s greatest crime minister – oops! Sorry, I meant prime minister.
None of his predecessors has ever thought of such a magnificent scheme.
KnockKnock: How I wish our PM had the vision to build this country up with our own resources and capabilities that we can all be proud of, made in Malaysia by the people of Malaysia and for the people of Malaysia.
Anonymous 2415891461978791: Every PM needs his huge white elephant, like the past premier's Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. If Najib begs harder, it shows how projects can be milked by the Chinese rich, and maybe a deal will be forthcoming.
Remember, Malaysia is where the rape victim marries the rapist, so Wanda should feel encouraged to slap little Malaysia around first, and enjoy the process a little.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Even though Wanda is privately owned, it is still controlled by the state. It would want to negotiate a deal with the objectives of the government in mind. Its deal must make sure that a large portion of the work force comes from China, which incidentally is cheaper.
To help manufacturing in China, finished products like cement and steel would probably be sourced from there. On top of that, the government might negotiate for access to strategic facilities, which until now are denied to them.
Yes, especially when it knows that we are in dire need of cash to cover up our enormous debts, it would be a golden opportunity for them to exploit the situation to the maximum.
Clever Voter: A hurried deal is an act of desperation. The risk of being caught with their pants down is very high. The privately-owned Wanda is well-connected politically. They too can pull the right strings.
The deal, if it goes through, is likely to offer many sweeteners that would help buy time for partial closure of the 1MDB liabilities. The openness of this transaction tells you the limited number of options the prime minister has.
It's so obvious no one benefits from this deal except the culprits of 1MDB, and probably the Chinese investors if they can squeeze their maximum out of this deal.
Interestingly, no one in the establishment has objected. We should be wary the moment politicians get into business, because their objectives strangely are not necessarily for the nation, but for their party survival

BernieBaby: 'WandaCry' is a ransomware. Vote the opposition for a virus-free nation. If not, 'WandaCry' will bleed us all.- Mkini

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