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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, November 30, 2020

Nasi kandar shop owner to file defence in Covid-19-related suit on Dec 21


YOURSAY | 'This episode seems to show they are a bunch of novices, so unprofessional and confused.'

Loke apologises to unhappy party members, supporters over budget incident

Beman: "As the DAP's parliamentary leader, I take full responsibility over my decision of not instructing our MPs to request for a bloc vote after receiving the message from the opposition leader," said Anthony Loke.

Not instructing the MPs to request for a bloc vote? To me, it looks more like he was instructing the MPs not to go for bloc vote after he heard from the supreme leader of Pakatan Harapan.

If it is really true that he had not instructed the MPs to do anything, and if the MPs decided on their own, I am pretty certain there would be at least a handful (if not most) DAP MPs who would decide for the bloc vote.

As it is, there is only one DAP MP who went for the bloc vote. That MP may have not been aware of the message from the leader of his party.

MS: For everyone who thought opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is someone who believes his own "transparency, integrity, social justice" claptrap, this strategic nonsense about losing the battle to win the war proves otherwise.

Anwar has, in one move, proved that he is as self-serving, conniving and deceitful as your average Umno and PAS operative. Running with the hares while hunting with the hounds, he simply likes to have it both ways.

As for the DAP, nothing has changed since February. In keeping with its silent colluding with former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad as he wreaked havoc during those 22 months proved, it is always ready, willing and able to do what third-rate politics demands - stay mute when it is unsafe to do otherwise.

And that is a point proved by Loke, who, with the rest of the DAP, is terrified of being demonised by the Malays (as if that is at all possible).

Oriole: Loke, if you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you cannot stand up and speak without fear or favour, don't take on the job.

Any politician that goes around fearing another human being's wrath is no use to the nation. We need statespersons at this moment.

GreenLeopard4021: Don't be too quick to castigate Harapan leaders. We should look at the overall scenario. They were thinking of the poor fisherfolk and frontliners who were promised more incentives and the many new goodies after last-minute changes were made to Budget 2021.

Opposing that would provide ammunition for Perikatan Nasional (PN) to spin and hurl all sorts of accusations detrimental to Harapan.

Give Loke, Anwar and Amanah leader Mohamad Sabu a chance to prove that their strategy will work next week.

IndigoTrout2522: It is understandable that the Harapan leadership has its own tactical approach but the problem goes beyond that. It is the lack of communication and unity.

This episode seems to show they are a bunch of novices, so unprofessional and confused. There should have been a meeting of all Harapan MPs prior to the vote and clear instructions should have been communicated after whatever decision was made. Hopefully, this will not happen again.

Limfly: Of course, in every budget, there will be good and necessary items that none would disagree.

If Loke's argument is to be accepted, then Harapan’s decision to vote against the budget at the point of the second reading should never have arisen, period.

So why was the decision not to call for bloc voting said to be a last-minute tactical move? The decision and the consequences not to test the support of the PN government via the vote on the budget will turn out to be the litmus test of Anwar's leadership (and to some extent, the leadership of the Harapan component parties).

Does he have what it takes to lead?

Milshah: There two main issues here. One is the budget, which is to help the people badly affected by Covid-19. Second, is changing the government.

Many commentators want Harapan to reject the budget for the second reason. The Jasa (Special Affairs Department) allocation was just an added bonus to justify the rejection. But first and foremost, they want to change the PN government, and if BN wins in an election, then so be it.

So, DAP can give all kinds of excuses not to reject the budget, but their supporters really want the PN government changed. That's why they are very disappointed

Anonymous54: I empathised with DAP not because I am a member or staunch supporter. They have persistently been demonised as anti-Malay by BN, and now by PN.

Had they stood up with Pejuang leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad and friends on Thursday, it would have provided PN and Umno the ammunition to go on the offensive to justify their claim that DAP is anti-Malay and it disrespects our king.

Notwithstanding, their move may be enough to cause Harapan to collapse and give credence to PKR's and the public disgust of DAP for supporting Mahathir or Warisan leader Shafie Apdal as PM. Sadly, that's the reality of Malaysian politics.

Not Bitten Twice: Indeed, I think DAP has just been saved from being further demonised by this strategic move. I can just imagine the avalanche of comments by cybertroopers if they are seen to objecting to the goodies offered to poor fisherfolk and frontliners.

Why provide ammunition unnecessarily to your opponent. Live to fight another day. This PN finance minister is sneaky. Don't walk into their trap.

Undecided: Unfortunately for DAP, it has to depend on a Muslim leader to lead on Budget 2021. It is the same for any non-Muslim party.

I believe both supporters and leaders of Harapan should reflect on this as it is still better to remain united.

If PKR and DAP still want to work together, it has to be Anwar, unless someone can suggest a realistic alternative.

Helpmepleaae: Our beloved Agong urged us to help pass the budget. But remember he did not see the budget details when he made that statement, or did he?

So, we should respectfully qualify his statement, which was made with good intent.

FairMalaysian: The numbers just didn't add up. And objecting to the budget in toto would not be a wise thing either, as the PN government would have spun it to tell the people that Harapan is responsible for denying them what they would have needed, such as the frontliners.

Moreover, a vote may have given what PN had always wanted - a demonstrable majority and by "abstaining". Harapan had denied that comfort.

At the committee stage, it will be more on specifics. But there is something that still worries me. This is something I cannot discuss here.

Firstinnotout: This round, although disappointing to some, does give me an understanding of the whole budget process. The third round should be interesting.

What we need now is a strong and credible opposition to raise issues of good governance, and get rid of the hidden agendas in the budget. - Mkini

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