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Sunday, January 23, 2022

After poll losses, Harapan should use 'big tent' again - Mat Sabu


It is time for Pakatan Harapan to return to the ‘big tent’ strategy that garnered them success in the 14th general election (GE14), said Amanah president Mohamad Sabu.

He said the coalition’s failures in the Malacca and Sarawak state election last November and December have shown that Harapan needs to be bolder about making changes for the sake of their struggle.

“‘Big tent’ should not just be a slogan… the reality is that this approach is what made our efforts in GE14 successful.

“Unfortunately, we have lost that attitude of openness and willingness to make more friends and this is why we did so badly in the Malacca and Sarawak state elections,” said Mohamad Sabu (above), who is widely known as Mat Sabu.

He said this while giving his keynote address at the hybrid Amanah national convention 2021, which had been postponed from last December due to the flash flood disasters.

With the recent announcement of the Johor state assembly’s dissolution, Mat Sabu said the upcoming Johor state election would be a good place for Harapan to test out a new strategy.

“Even though we disagree with holding the Johor state elections now but, since we are forced to face it, let us make the most of it by drafting and testing a strategy and approach that will bring us more success.

“And that will help us set an effective strategy and approach for the 15th general election,” he said.

However, he said that regardless of the results of the Johor polls, GE15 will still take place amid an uncertain situation.

This is because there will be many new voters due to the passing of Undi18 and many parties have had the experience of being in government, he said.

This means nobody is in a comfortable position going into GE15, he opined.

“What is important is that we are prepared to continue working with all parties, especially Harapan and other opposition parties so that we can offer a more convincing big tent to the rakyat,” he said. - Mkini

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