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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Muhyiddin to meet Johor Bersatu division leaders on state election


Johor Bersatu will be making preparations to launch its machinery following the dissolution of the 56-seat state assembly and upcoming state polls.

Johor Bersatu secretary Dr Sahruddin Jamal said former premier Muhyiddin Yassin, as Johor Bersatu chief, will be convening a meeting of all state division leaders and machinery.

"This meeting will discuss several related matters including preparing the party machinery to face the upcoming Johor state elections," said Sahruddin.

Further, he said Johor Bersatu will also be meeting with PAS and Gerakan as PN components in the state for the same purpose of coordinating its machinery.

"Johor Bersatu will always place the state and people's wellbeing as a priority and at the same time continue to serve for the betterment of the state and people," he said.

 The Johor state assembly was dissolved yesterday, paving the way for the third snap state election since 2020.

Incumbent menteri besar Hasni Mohammad yesterday said the state government with a single-seat majority in the 56-seat state assembly cannot continue to function based on the "goodwill" of the opposition.

The Umno-led government has a narrow majority of 28 seats to 27 following the death of former menteri besar Osman Sapian last month. - Mkini

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