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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Caely apologises to PM’s son-in-law for ‘false’ announcement


Jovian Mandagie said the announcement by Caely Holdings Bhd had tarnished his corporate, business and personal reputation. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Caely Holdings Bhd’s new board of directors has issued an apology to the prime minister’s son-in-law, Jovian Mandagie, for a “false announcement” made regarding his appointment as a board member.

The lingerie maker also apologised for falsely announcing the appointment of Sandraruben Neelamagham, confirming that “no relevant appointment or withdrawal documents (were) signed by the duo”.

“We also hope the company will not be implicated by the former board’s actions, as it is not the company’s intention (to cause) such unfortunate incidents,” Caely’s executive chairman Ng Keok Chai said, according to The Edge.

Caely had announced Jovian’s appointment as its executive vice-chairman in a filing with Bursa Malaysia on June 14.

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Jovian, however, refuted this, claiming the announcement had tarnished his corporate, business and personal reputation.

On June 20, Caely founder Fong Nyok Yoon lodged a police report against the company’s board of directors over the dissemination of false and misleading information on Bursa.

In her report, Fong said the board of directors at the time had proceeded with the appointment of Jovian (as executive vice-chairman) and Sandraruben (as independent and non-executive director), without her consent. - FMT

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