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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Traffic congestions outside Kelantan schools after child kidnapping rumours


Parents of school-going kids in Kelantan are taking no chances despite police denying reports about the kidnapping of children from schools in the state.

Utusan Malaysia reported that a check at several schools in Kota Bharu showed that many school compounds were jam-packed with vehicles, as parents wanted to pick up their children before the final bell rang.

One of the parents, Nur Hidayah Ismail, 39, told the Malay daily that she used to take turns with her husband to pick up their children aged 9 and 12, but now she arrives earlier than usual at the school.

"I always tell my kids to wait inside the school compound. However, I'm still not taking any chances, especially with the kidnapping attempt news spreading on social media," she said.

Another parent, Zohra Kadim Hussain, 50, said that she was willing to take time off work to fetch her child earlier than usual.

Schools tighten security

Meanwhile, Utusan Malaysia also reported that several schools in the Pasir Puteh district have drastically stepped up their security measures.

This includes not allowing parents to enter the school compound without prior permission and only letting children exit the compound when they identify their parents or guardian waiting for them outside.

According to security guard Nik Nismu Nik Ismail, 50, he has been empowered by the school management to reprimand suspicious figures loitering outside the school compound.

"The teachers also help us by monitoring the school compound.

"The school has set up two huge tents at the compound, equipped with chairs, where the children can wait before they are picked up by their parents. This has been practiced since last year," he told the daily.

Meanwhile, the daily also spoke to National Parents and Teachers Association (PIBGN) president Mohamad Ali Hassan who said that assuring a child's safety at school needs a concerted effort between parents/guardians and the school management.

'Need concerted effort'

"All parties, including parents, guardians, educators, and the school, have to play their respective parts.

He urged the police to conduct routine patrols outside schools and prepare an easy-to-reach hotline in case of an emergency.

"Besides, schools should also raise awareness for children on how to identify a potential kidnapper, and how to escape if they encounter one,” Ali added.

Kelantan police chief Muhamad Zaki Harun recently denied reports about attempted kidnapping at schools in the state and urged the people to stop spreading incorrect information.

There have also been reports about attempted kidnapping cases at schools in several other states around the peninsula. - Mkini

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