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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Why no action against ‘lewd’ lecturer, asks ex-UiTM student


A screenshot of Farah Azuin Razak’s tweets alleging she had been sexually harassed by her lecturer. (Twitter pic)

PETALING JAYA: A former Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Segamat student has expressed disappointment that authorities have not taken action against a lecturer accused of sexually harassing her.

Farah Azuin Razak, 23, said she lodged a police report in Tangkak a year ago and handed over to the police audio recordings of telephone conversations she had with the lecturer.

Until today, she said, she has not received any update from the police or UiTM.

The lecturer has since filed a lawsuit against her on Sept 6 for allegedly exposing his private life and identifying the institution.

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Farah, who graduated with a management and business diploma, has denied doing so, stating that the lecturer’s identity had been exposed by netizens.

She said the lawsuit was aimed at intimidating her after she turned down RM20,000 to “close” the case.

A screenshot of the alleged ‘obscene’ questionnaire she received from her lecturer.

Farah alleged that the lecturer had asked her a series of lewd questions for “research” with conversations laced with vulgar comments.

“He asked me if I knew of sex toys,” she told FMT.

She related her ordeal to her classmates who later agreed to record her conversations with the lecturer.

“I felt nauseous while he was asking me these (research) questions… I tolerated it because I needed proof,” she said.

“I filed a police report the next day. My classmates and seniors accompanied me to the station as witnesses. There are four witnesses.”

She asked why no action had been taken a year after the report was lodged, despite providing “evidence” to the authorities. She said the police had also recorded the lecturer’s statement.

She claimed that UiTM Segamat has since suspended the lecturer and is awaiting further instructions from the institution’s integrity unit in Shah Alam.

“They have been keeping mum and have not issued any statement,” she said.

Farah said that after her ordeal went viral, several students contacted her with claims that they were also sexually harassed by the same lecturer.

She said that after lodging her police report, the lecturer had contacted her to apologise and pleaded for her to retract the report, but she refused.

“He then came to my house in Tangkak and apologised to my parents,” she said.

“He even knelt before my mum. We told him to go home, but he refused. Only after calling the police did he budge.”

On Sept 9, Bukit Aman told FMT the investigation paper on the lecturer had been returned to the Tangkak police for “further investigation”.

It is learnt that Tangkak police have completed their investigations and the investigation paper has been sent to the Johor police headquarters.

FMT has reached out to UiTM for comment. - FMT

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