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Thursday, February 28, 2013

P Bala on the Trail for Justice

The significance of P Bala’s briefing on the 27th of February can be reduced to a single conclusion- the execution of Altantuya a daughter of one set of parents, is traceable right to the doors of Najib’s house. For the thousands attending Bala’s revelations, (not just a thousand) the hall itself was full to the brim- they wanted to hear and look at Bala. Bala looked fatigued not nervous. He has just come back from India and had spent the last two days drafting out a structure to deliver his revelations. They came to confirm what they believed in their hearts of hearts – that somehow, Najib Razak must be called up to account.

The trail now leads suspiciously to the PM and to the circle of people close to him- whether it’s Musa Safri his ADC or Nasir Safar. When RB asked Bala whether the latter knows where Altantuya was that day- he was actually expressing relief. How so? He was relieved that the boss ( RB of course knows full well who he is ) had taken over his problem. He was also relieved because someone more powerful and bigger than him has taken over. He was therefore justifiably happy and pleased.

From that day onwards, RB can be said to have severed any responsibility over Altantuya. The responsibility at that point in time passed on to the VVIP who had his battalion of minders do his bidding. The VVIP therefore owes a duty of care to Altantuya who had by then been taken into custody by the two policemen. Razak assumed that his problems were over not knowing on that fateful day, Altantuya was already executed. Execution seems to be the better word for it- the intent to kill was obvious. After being shot, she was bombed with the explosives  C4.

Now, access to C4 need not be overplayed. Getting the substance does not require the signature of the PM- has he got nothing better to do? Everyone in the quarry industry knows that you go to the police station and apply for the procurement of the material stating the purpose for is usage, you get the substance. No PM’s permission is required. The PM isn’t a store keeper.

The more interesting thing to suggest is the ease by which the two policemen got the material. We can look at the records and discover whether the 2 policemen sought permission from the Police to get the material. They could have given any reasons to get them and being policemen themselves, they could get them easily. So there was no mystery there.

Now once RB felt that his responsibility over Altantuya was severed, our attention and focus must now be directed at the people responsible for planning  and giving orders to the two policemen to execute Altantuya.

That is the interesting part in Bala’s expose. We are interested in analysing the behaviour of RB. On the whole, it would suggest that he indeed has nothing to do with the execution of Altantuya.

That was why when he was met by Bala at a lawyer’s ( Puravalan) office at the UOA building, he insisted that he had no cause to account for the whereabouts of Altantuya. She had been taken out of his responsibility. That was also why he had sent an SOS message to the VVIP whom we later discovered to be the then DPM and now the PM. He may have asked and justifiably so- why should he answer any questions when the VVIP had taken over?

Why would RB find cause to send the sms to the then DPM unless of course the then DPM had some links to Altantuya. After all by RB’s own admission, he serves as minder over Altantuya on behalf of the VVIP.

We should then establish whether there was a sexual relationship between RB and Altantuya. There are now whispers that Altantuya was entrusted into RB’s hands because RB is useless in that department and can’t possibly sow his oats and damaged the prized property-in spite of being described as a prostitute. He was a mere trustee on behalf of the VVIP. The VVIP therefore has no cause to send a sms text to RB asking him to be cool as matters are being sorted out unless he was the one that would rightly be held accountable.

Bala’s revelations will be good material to besiege the PM and UMNO. Why are we not surprised that not one single UMNO bahagian has come out declaring they are solidly behind the UMNO president. Indeed, as I talked to my UMNO friends, their stand are, this is a private matter that the PM must sort out himself.  Having made the bed, the VVIP must now lay on it. Let Bala prepare the comforter and pillows.

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