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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Didn’t you hear? Jamal was hired by Bersih…

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YOURSAY | ‘The police should go after the culprits, especially the one who launched the flying-kick attack.’
CQ Muar: Great, assuming you are right, Jamal Mohd Yunos, about the attacker or attackers against the lone Bersih motorcyclist are truly from Bersih in red T-shirts, then the authority should go after the culprit/culprits, especially that coward who launched the flying-kick attack.
This is regardless who the impostor or impostors are. We agree that the police must take stern actions against the perpetrator/perpetrators for such disgraceful public nuisance and bullying.
Jamal, let's hope you do not go back on your words when the truth emerges. Enough of your idiotic and stupid antics.
Curiously, don't you have better things to do? Or, perhaps, you're frustrated with your ‘ikan bakar’ business not doing well?
Tholu: That's it. This most ridiculous and ludicrous claim by Jamal is the last strand of sanity that was left in him that has snapped and he therefore now is a complete and incurable lunatic on the loose.
People be aware, he has now acquired legal immunity against any criminal charges and conviction.
Anonymous_1423808262: Indeed, this allegation is an outright lie and not evenly remotely possible.
Ngms: And I heard Jamal was hired by Bersih leader Maria Chin.
SusahKes: Sure, Jamal. And Brad Pitt's my twin brother.
GE14Now!: It seems strange to me that the person who (hypocritically) accuses former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad of unstatesman-like behaviour would then immediately follow it up by saying that he would spit on Dr M's hand.
I suppose that spitting on someone's hand is statesmanly then, is it, Jamal? The more I look at you, and the more I read about you, the more I wonder why we are saddled with such a sorry excuse of a human being in you.
And I say this despite the fact that I do not like Dr M one little bit. He has probably done a whole lot more for his race and country than you have, Mr Red Shirt.
Trueglitter: It is exceedingly regrettable and disappointing that the level of morality and regards towards elders in our country, whatever their political or financial standing, has been disrespectfully trodden upon, which the obnoxious and utterly defiant 'red-shirt' movement leader Jamal has just done, when he has blatantly and disrespectfully threatened 'to spit on Mahathir's hand' should there be an opportunity.
It is utterly inconceivable and extremely despicable to say the least when our inherent self-worth and respect for others, particularly the renowned statesman and former PM Mathathir, has been spitefully and undeservedly mocked at by the menacing Jamal.
Being a Malay himself and an Umno division head, Jamal has undoubtedly shamed his race and the party, as the adherence to the practice and upholding responsibility to protect our culture and respect for others, has evidently been mocked upon by the disgraceful failures of the lowly red-shirts movement leader.
Anonymous 759201436321741: If indeed Jamal has the chance to go near Dr M and spits into his (Dr M’s) hand, do we think he is able to survive the wraths of those with Dr M?
Bullies have one common trait. Talk big and a showman when with his gang of bullies around him but really a chicken-heart when alone. Caught him alone and he would beg for mercy.
He is playing to the gallery and Malaysiakini knows it. After all, what better way (for Malaysiakini) to improve readership (judging from number of comments posted) at no extra cost.
One Malaysia: Don't insult the gentleman; I think the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat would have long forgiven these two teenagers.
What they did was childish but nothing scary, indeed dangerous, like the red shirts who acted more like Hitler's Brownshirts.
Odysseus: If this is the only reason PAS can offer, perhaps it’s time for PAS to close shop. He can definitely find cases where PAS members have stepped on pictures of government leaders, etc.
Will he propose that PAS closes down? Cakap tak serupa bikin.
Anthony Chan: This is indeed just a feeble excuse not to support Bersih5.
Fairplayer: PAS is too childish to lead Malaysia to greater heights. To lead Malaysia down the abyss of no return, maybe...

The wise and well-informed Malays will be with Bersih. Let's see whether there are other Malays who are for clean and fair elections, with or without PAS and Umno. -Mkini

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