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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dr M: Najib desperate to break me, wants to change my cook

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has accused Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak of attempting to unleash a gastronomical blow to weaken his will.
Recounting how the government withdrew the police escort for him, the former premier claimed there is now a plan to change his officer and cook as well.
He also alleged that his acquaintances, especially those in the business sector, are being threatened through the Inland Revenue Department.
"If they had paid their taxes, additional taxes are imposed," he said in a blog posting.
Apart from this, Mahathir alleged that those in Proton are disallowed from communicating with him, and businessmen linked to him are not permitted to conduct business with the national car manufacturer.
"Najib's aim is for Proton to go bankrupt so that it can be sold for a song," he added.
The former premier claimed the plan is to sell Proton in full to foreigners in order to eradicate the national car industry.
"Only imported cars can be sold in Malaysia.
"Let there be nothing which was started by me. Let the local industry be destroyed as long as Najib is satisfied," he added.
Meanwhile, Mahathir also claimed that those who obtained forms to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) had received threats from Umno and the government.
"All kinds of threats were made including putting a stop to BR1M, expulsion from Umno and losing their positions in government as well as prevented from receiving scholarships.
"But they are willing to be tormented due to the belief they and the country would receive greater benefits by joining Bersatu and voting for the party in the next general election," he added.
Many in Malaysia, he said, are scared of being tortured by the government
"That is Najib's democracy," he added.
However, Mahathir vowed not to relent and believes that Malaysians possess the fighting spirit to see the fall of Najib's government.
"The more pressure they receive, the more they would hate Najib and the government," he added.

Citing new laws involving the country's security, Mahathir believes that everyone realises that such laws were not to be used to curb terrorism, but rather to stop protests against Najib.
"The rakyat will object the abolition of democracy in the country through a halal (permissible) process.
"InsyaAllah (God willing), the rakyat's assertiveness would ultimately end Najib's wrongdoings," he added.-Mkini

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