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Monday, October 10, 2016


1MDB Rock & Roll Begins Oct 31, 2016 In Singapore, Pandi Pula Kata Tak Ada Kes?
Two more former BSI senior bankers charged in Singapore court in 1MDB probe
S’PORE – 2 employees of BSI charged wrt (1MDB) in S’pore.
Senior bankers Yak Yew Chee (57) Yvonne Seah Yew Foong (45)
3 charges forgery, 4 charges failing to report suspicious transxns
Both posted bail S$35,000, surrendered passport.
brings to 4 charged to date for involvement in 1MDB
subject to probes by Swiss, S’pore, US prosecutors.
probe on how > US$3.5 billion (RM14.5b) misappropriated.
trial of BSI’s Yeo Jiawei, four of 11 charges – from Oct 31 till Nov 11.
four charges obstruction of justice, money laundering, cheating, forgery.
Yeo, 33, facilitated illicit transxns wrt 1MDB, led to shutdown of BSI
S’porean, Kelvin Ang charged April 20 with corrupt transxns
Ang, remisier at Maybank Sec, paid analyst Lee Chee Waiy S$3,000
for favorable valuation of 1MDB assets held in Caymans
Other individuals questioned or investigated
M’sia rocked > year by massive fraud, embezzlement surrounding 1MDB.
calls for ouster of M’sian PM Najib who set up 1MDB in 2009
US Justice Dept filed lawsuits in US in July to recover billions in assets
purchased by Najib’s relatives and associates with money stolen from 1MDB.
My comments : The story is MO1 went a-begging to Singapore to try and unfreeze some bank accounts with some of the stolen money inside. The Singapore folks said ‘We cant do that’. Its against the law. Period.
The first Singapore trial – of this fellow called Yeow Jia Wei, a 33 year old punk – begins on 31st October which is 20 days away. Yeo faces a total of 11 charges, but he is being tried on four charges first “obstruction of justice, money laundering, cheating, forgery”.
I am quite sure they have enough evidence to lock him away on these four charges. This guy Yeo Jia Wei has NEVER been released on bail. The Singaporeans have stated that he may try to influence, threaten or buy off other witnesses. My view is that they are afraid he may end up in an oil drum somewhere between the island and the mainland.
Buy plenty popcorn folks. The US Elections are on Tues Nov 8th. If Trump wins, the trial in Singapore will become even more centre stage.
The report says ‘other individuals’ are also being investigated. I think that includes Jho Low. And that may also determine how fast those seven other charges against Yeo Jia Wei will pan out. Because when (not if) Jho Low is brought to trial, Yeo can stand as witness against him.
Unless the US gets Jho Low first. That may take some time. The Thingy says Jho Low has gone into hiding – possibly in Taiwan.
The Swiss will want him as well.
Meanwhile Mama’s Boy is said to be in town. Out of sight. But eventually they all make mistakes. They always slip up. They have already slipped up.
Like swiping credit cards at an Italian store where the sales girl clearly remembers the “what, where, when and the who, why, how” and has also given a statement to that effect. Oops !! Or the credit-card-phone-call answering guy in KL who answered MO1’s call from Italy seeking confirmation of the purchases. Its not Hensel and Gretel’s trail of bread-crumbs. Its more like Hippo tracks through the Okavango.
Just follow the Hippo trails through the swamp
Tick tock tick tock.
I say kekawan Dumbno, ok ngko orang memang bodoh. Low IQ. 
Tapi takkan tak faham sikit pun what is happening? 
This is gone case brader. 
Kalau nak hidup, tell that fellow to step down and step out.
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