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Sunday, October 16, 2016

'If we fail to heed Anwar's call, we fail ourselves'

'If we fail to heed Anwar's call, we fail ourselves'
YOURSAY | ‘It’s up to each and every M'sian to save the country in its hour of need.’
Kim Quek: Writing in the Washington Post only hours after his final Federal Court hearing, jailed former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim expressed pessimism over its outcome, unless the international community and US President Barack Obama render their help.
However, his main concern was not so much his personal freedom, as the imminent tragedy that will befall the country.
He eloquently described the tragedy thus: “What is really at stake in Malaysia, however, is a catastrophic slide to authoritarian kleptocracy by a country that was set to be the shining example of pluralistic democracy in a multi-religious Muslim majority country.”
And with the electoral process hopelessly manipulated and democracy ruthlessly trampled, Malaysia is on its way to becoming a failed state with runaway corruption, and escalating religious and racial conflicts.
Anwar hence earnestly pleads to the international community to help Malaysians in their struggle to restore freedom and rule of law.
This is also a clarion call to each and every Malaysian to contribute whatever he or she can towards saving the country in its hour of need.
While I have reservations of what the world can do to help, I am immensely encouraged by the excellent form of Anwar’s mental state, as reflected in the intellectual acuity and linguistic competence that shine through in his instant article toWashington Post.
Headhunter: If we fail to heed Anwar, we fail ourselves. How much longer are we going to live under the current repressive regime?           
Anticonmen: That's right Anwar, let every citizen have freedom of religion, expression, and assembly as laid down in the 1957 constitution.
Finally, after being wrongfully denied freedom, you appear to have realised the concept of freedom as a check and balance against power abuse by a few to control and exploit a nation.
It's a God-given right which no man should be allowed to take away from others. Strange that the message he is trying to send, also applied to him when he was in power.
The Analyzer: The hypocrisy of that statement is truly Malaysian. He had been an agent of Amnestied repression and an advocate for Islamic repression. Where is the freedom in that?
"Some critical masses of our citizens want democracy." But none of the political parties are offering any form of true democracy. Sure you get Malaysian democracy, which is autocracy in another form.
You can choose from any number of dictatorships. But you won't find democracy anywhere, because to be democratic, you have to be unselfish.
If he says that he has given all he has in the struggle to free Malaysia, then he hasn't given enough. His weak manifesto meant so much to his party, that they dropped it as soon as he was off the scene.
His striving for the people of Malaysia came to an abrupt halt when his naked grab for power became apparent. His ill thought through coalition was an impossible dream which turned into a hoax when reality set in.
He raised the hopes of a significant proportion of the voting population then dashed them to pieces.
JD Lovrenciear: Only the righteous, the gallant, the principle-centred and ethically patriotic true sons and daughters of Malaysia, can do something collectively for the nation.
Whether we still have such a citizenry is the biggest puzzle.
Wira: As a BN leader, it is more important that Gerakan secretary-general Liang Teck Meng should get his priorities right, and suggest to the Sabah chief minister to learn economics from their MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan, in order that the Sabah economy, which is the second poorest in Malaysia, may make a quantum improvement.
Talk to Penangites and invariably one will find the people giving high marks to their state government.
At this stage, the prediction is that both MCA and Gerakan may still not get a single state seat in the next general election.
Anonymous #19098644: Compare the economic and financial standing of Sabah where Abdul Rahman comes from, with Penang. Compare the surpluses which the state has time and again shown as per the auditor-general's report.
Compare the many never-ending scandals of Sabah, such as in the Sabah Water Authority, versus the Penang Water Authority. Yet this Gerakan leader sees Abdul Rahman as his role model.
No wonder, the Penangites gave a TKO (technical knock out) to Gerakan for two consecutive elections.
As secretary-general, Liang should consider coming to Penang to lead the Gerakan team against the Harapan team, and let the people of Penang decide who is more competent.
Justice Fairness: Figures don't lie. If the Department of Statistics figures that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng himself used recently says it is the state with the lowest growth among all 15 states since 2008, then no amount of propaganda can hide this. Lim should really buck up.
Basically: Actually, 'Justice Fairness', statistics do lie, all the time, and who are better liars than the present government? People should know that the statistic department's job is to play with numbers to make the government look good.
Lim has pointed out the statistic was dragged down by the inclusion of the 2007 performance of Penang under Gerakan-BN, which was pitiful compared to the good results in the following years.
So why include a BN poor performance in the statistic, then blame the resulting low score entirely on DAP?
Even without showing the math, common sense would tell those with half a brain there is something wrong when Kelantan is said to perform better than Penang. But then, Rahman Dahlan claims he, unlike his MCA colleagues, are not idiots.

Tpn: Liang, the Malaysian economy is in such a healthy state that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is needed to save the country's finances.
Why not ask the finance minister to learn from Abdul Rahman too? - Mkini

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