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Monday, October 17, 2016

Kit Siang: DAP backs special position for bumiputera, but...

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DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang said the party remains in favour of retaining the special position of the bumiputera, but stressed that it should be on a needs-based basis and help should also be extended to members of other communities.
“DAP’s stance is still that we support special rights for Malays and for all communities who are in need,” Lim told reporters in Kuala Lumpur last night.
Asked to elaborate on this, he said, “(It is) for those who are in need. Help Malays who are backward; that has always been the DAP stance. You help Malays who are backward, not support the ‘Umnoputras’.
“In the same way, non-Malays who are backward and who need help must also be given affirmative (action) programmes.”
Lim said this when asked to comment on Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) president Muhyiddin Yassin’s maiden speech in Selangor.
During the speech on Sunday, Muhyiddin said Bersatu and other opposition parties have agreed to defend the special position of the bumiputera for as long as it is still in the Federal Constitution.

DAP’s Kuala Kubu Baru assemblyperson Lee Kee Hiong, who was also present during the speech in a former Felda settlement, nodded in agreement when Muhyiddin turned to her asked whether she agrees with this.
Meanwhile, Lim was coy when asked if Lee’s appearance at the event with Muhyiddin meant that DAP was now formally cooperating with Bersatu.
“We will cooperate with all those who those think there is a need for a change – not only to change (Prime Minister) Najib, but on the system,” he said. -Mkini

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