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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Malaysians should give priority to the truth? Look who’s talking

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YOURSAY | ‘The only truth you know is that cash is king, and that you want to be king forever.’
Negarawan: "The principle of 'fiqh tabayyun' (checking the truth of any information) should be given priority and become a knowledge field to be mastered by Muslims in Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said."
There is no need to "glamorise" basic moral principles with exotic terms as if they are something new and unique. They have been known since the time of Adam and Eve.
Najib describes a moral principle as a "knowledge field" that needs to "mastered", which is rather academic. Herein lies the problem with Najib. Knowing a moral principle does not necessarily mean that the person practices it.
Knowing and mastering the theory of morality is not enough. One has to assimilate moral teachings in their hearts, not only in the minds.
I am sure that Najib "knows" the moral principles applicable to corruption and the 1MDB mega scandal. It is useless to talk about moral principles when one does not practise them.
And do not cast doubts on news reports when you cannot defend yourself with facts.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: Yes, we are all for the truth. If the prime minister is concerned about misinformation, it is his and his government's responsibility to provide the facts and evidence.
When for example, it claims money in the PM's account came from an Arab donor, that doesn't sound like the truth to most rational-thinking people.
And when the same amounts were revealed by an investigation done by the financial authorities were found to be a part of a money laundering activity conducted by a number of banks, it makes us even more aware of the lack of truthfulness by the PM and this government.
Najib’s message is well and good, but unfortunately the messenger does not have the credibility to deliver it.
Democrat: My God, someone who is PM and had RM2.6 billion transferred into his own account from abroad is preaching to us about honesty?
Someone, who agreed there was RM42 million in his personal account but claims he did not know who banked it in, is telling us to be honest?
Anonymous 1689721435778173: Indeed, what Najib says is hypocritical. He does not practise what he preaches. It is one set of rules for what pertains to himself and another set for others.
For so long as 1MDB does not get resolve, Najib has zero credibility. He uses his thugs - the red shirts - to threaten people when they want to march for the truth.
Mytake: Najib, it's been more than a year and you have not properly explained the issues pertaining to 1MDB nor the money in your personal account.
You instead removed people who wanted to investigate. You really have no moral authority whatsoever to talk like that.
Ace: This man talks like he is the most morally upright person on earth, but behaves otherwise.
With his "everything to hide" situation, he will love it if everyone does not believe everything that is disseminated online and in news reports, except those praising him and Umno.
Hardboiled: Talk all you want, but the fact remains that you have yet to stand before Parliament to explain in detail about all the allegations regarding 1MDB.
The only truth you know is that cash is king, and that you want to be king forever.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: This must be a world class deal by 1MDB - full payment of the purchase of 60 percent of Bandar Malaysia is to be made only in 2020 by the Chinese. It must be a windfall for them.
The year 2020 is about four years from now. If the value of the property appreciated, the Chinese can simply sell their share and make a tidy sum.
China is on a global shopping spree. If our country is not careful, it will make even more purchases of our prized assets. Surprisingly, there is not a squeak from Umno leaders.
Existential Turd: Imagine if Penang CM Lim Guan Eng was the one who sold 60 percent stake of Bandar Malaysia to China and won't get paid until 2020.
What kind of crimes would he be accused of? So much for protecting Malaysia from the incursion of foreign power.
Odin Tajué: Former second finance minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah was kept totally out of the loop with regard to the 1MDB financial shenanigans.
The answer to his question as to why 1MDB was formed would provide the answers to his other questions which he asked in Parliament. And the answer is very simple.
As long as we have read sufficient number of the reports on the financial shenanigans and are not dimwits, we can easily tell that it was formed to allegedly steal vast sums of money from Malaysians.
All the signs are there - and not right from the very beginning but even before the faux 1MDB-PetroSaudi joint venture was formed.
The very many unusual actions executed and suspicion-eliciting statements made have all pointed to alleged theft on a grand scale and the fanatical, obsessive desire to cover it all up.

Rupert16: Let's see if Najib gives priority to the truth on the questions raised by Husni. I doubt he will walk the talk, as has been proven time and again.- Mkini

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