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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Husni has been accused so many times of sexual harassment. Many reports have been lodged against him from women who accuse him of groping their boobs and bums. He is also sleeping with someone’s wife. And now those secrets are going to come back to haunt him because he is pretending he is a holy man when he is actually a cad and a scoundrel.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
It is actually quite surprising that the former Second Minister of Finance, Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah, would attack Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in such a vicious manner considering what Najib has done for him. Malays call this tak kenang budi.
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Husni’s anger with Najib started when the Prime Minister would not promote him to Finance Minister. Instead, Najib wanted to transfer Husni to another ministry, which Husni saw as a demotion from the post of Second Minister of Finance.
But then Husni had let Najib down badly, especially regarding 1MDB. Instead of sorting things out the way Najib wanted him to, Husni actually contributed to the problem. Husni was supposed to be the solution and instead he became the problem.
With that type of track record how could Husni expect to be promoted to the post of Finance Minister? The post of Finance Minister is the second-most powerful post after Prime Minister, even more powerful than the post of Deputy Prime Minister. And if as Second Finance Minister Husni already demonstrated male fide and played a role on sabotaging 1MDB, imagine what he would do as Finance Minister?
As Finance Minister, Husni would not only have been able to approve his son’s RM2 billion highway extension project, he would be head of various very important and very powerful committees. The RM2 billion highway extension project would have just been the beginning of many more billions to come.
But what is more important than that is the fact that Najib saved his sorry behind more than once. There were so many allegations of sexual harassment and other misdeeds made against Husni. A number of women in his office had lodged complaints that Husni had groped their boobs and bums. There is also a complaint about Husni’s affair with a married woman from his Umno division.
They actually wanted to launch an investigation into these many allegations but Najib chose to give Husni the benefit of the doubt. If not Husni would have been dragged into court on more than one count of sexual harassment. And that does not include the husband of that woman Husni is having an affair with filing for a divorce.
So, after the Nika Gee divorce case because of her affair with Muhyiddin Yassin, we would have seen a second divorce case involving Husni’s mistress and her husband. But Najib downplayed this case to help Husni avoid a huge scandal and embarrassment to him and his family.
Najib had already been warned that Husni likes to put on airs and pretend that he is very religious when in fact he is a predator of the highest degree. If Husni did what he did in the UK he would have been sent to jail some time ago and for a very long time on top of that.
Considering what Najib did for Husni and the number of times Najib had save his bacon, Husni should be on his hands and knees to kiss the ground that the Prime Minister walks on. Husni, however, sabotaged 1MDB instead of solving the problems as Najib had asked him to and now Husni launches his attack on Najib.
Has Husni not heard the saying, ‘those who live in glass houses should not throw stones’? And now his secret that he has the hands of an octopus and loves groping boobs and bums of every woman who walks pass him and sleeps with other people’s wives is going to bring him down to the level of Muhyiddin and Anwar: sexual perverts who pretend to be holy like Prophet Muhammad.

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