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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pandikar the one playing games with his cooked-up rules

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YOURSAY | 'The PM and you, Mr Speaker, have disgraced the House of Parliament.'
Bazooka: Don't be a 'pengampu pelampau' (an extreme apologist), my dear Parliament speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia. Be a fair speaker and don't take sides.
Look at the merit of the opposition 's action. They're not happy with the PM for poking fun at them. You as speaker should remind the PM that he's addressing the August House and should not use foul language directed at the opposition.
But no, you let him take potshots at the YBs (Yang Berhormat) from the opposite aisle. Who would stand for it?
FairMind: Pandikar, you are the one playing games with the Malaysian public by bending over backwards in favour of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and BN.
What robust Parliament are you talking about, when you refused to allow discussion on the biggest loss the nation has ever faced?
CucuMalaysia: This useless parliamentary speaker is trying to portray how unbiased he is, when actually he is not qualified to look after the rakyat's interests and welfare.
What is so upsetting about the opposition walkout when he himself is making a mockery of democracy?
Drngsc: Pandikar, no one is playing games with you. In fact, the reverse is true. You are playing games with the opposition by inventing all kinds of new parliamentary rules that have no basis, just to protect MO1.
PM Najib Razak is also playing games by using such a serious occasion like the Budget presentation to take digs at opposition leaders. It is okay if you play games, but when others walk out, it is not okay?
If you cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.
Kawak: Pandikar, you claim you try to be fair to both BN and the opposition, but we are not so sure.
Why didn't you stop Najib from poking fun at the opposition and direct him to focus on the contents of the Budget?
Kamikasi: Hello, Pandikar. The Budget speech was meant to explain the 2017 Budget, not to take potshots at the opposition.
Don't threaten the opposition. They have the right to walk out if they are insulted.
JD Lovrenciear: If the speaker says he "knew" about a walkout and that he also "knew" about some walking out just to toe party lines, then that is his private knowledge.
Why is he using his public office to make such statements? That is what we call "professional bias", or in more ordinary language, 'doublespeak'.
RCZ: Pandikar, you could not and did not control the PM's 'ejek ejek' comments on the opposition. He made Parliament a joke with his Budget speech, both in form and the way he read it, and you let him.
The PM and you, Mr Speaker, disgraced the House of Parliament. An opposition party by tradition and custom walks out to show their displeasure and disagreement.
There is no need to take this personally, as any right-thinking member of society would have walked out too. Are you feeling guilty for your behaviour, Mr Speaker? You should be.
You have no independence and no guts to do the right thing.
Ipoh PP: Pandikar, you're nothing but a stooge. When the opposition is ridiculed and made fun of, you 'sleep' to please your masters. Are you the speaker of the House?
We know you have to please your master to earn your 'bread', but you also make yourself look like a fool in the eyes of the rakyat
Aziz Kader: Pandikar, to tell you the truth, you as speaker failed to control Najib and allowed him to talk nonsense during his Budget presentation.
If you were a good speaker, you would have instructed Najib to stick to facts and figures, and not campaigning for BN during a Budget presentation.
GE14Now!: Indeed, the speaker of the House cannot tolerate some 'games' but seems to be perfectly tolerant and accommodative of someone who has been claimed by none other than the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to have embezzled money, billions of ringgit at that, from the country.
Perhaps the speaker should have his priorities checked.      
Sorro: Most Malaysian aren't interested in the Budget 2017 presentation by MO1 anyway, knowing very well most of our money has been robbed.

NNFC: Pandikar, please don't play games with the rakyat. We demand a parliamentary inquiry on 1MDB, with independent members.-Mkini

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