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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Putin's Masterstrokes : Turkey, Greece, Italy, India, China

Putin is going around Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, China and India doing his level best to create peace and prosperity.

Other than Syria, Putin has some lesser known but more remarkable achievements around the world. 

Few are aware that Putin has hammered out an agreement between Russia, Turkey and Greece to build a gas pipeline through their countries to carry gas to Western Europe. Here is the news :

  • Greece supports Turkish Stream gas pipeline 
  • it will enhance energy security, make Greece become energy hub
  • MOSCOW — Russia and Turkey signed agreement on gas pipeline
  • two underwater legs in Black Sea, annual capacity 15.75b cubic meters each
  • pipeline delivers gas from Russia to Turkey, continues to Turk-Greek border
  • gas transferred to other European countries. 
  • Athens interested in Poseidon, offshore Greek-Italian-Russian pipeline 
  • natural gas corridor from Turkey to Greece, across Ionian Sea to Italy. 
  • Greece interested in Russian gas transportation via Greece, Italy, Europe
  • project announced in late 2014 by Putin during visit to Turkey. 

My comments : Turkey and Greece were enemies. Both are also members of Nato.  That was in the past. Now with this Russian gas pipeline, Turkey and Greece must become peaceful neighbors.  For Turkey there is money to be made from this pipeline. It goes onwards to Greece. If they fight with Greece, gas will be shut off, no business. Same argument for Greece. 

Since the gas goes to Italy and Europe, it makes both Greece and Turkey geo-strategic players in Europe's energy security. Also despite being Nato members they will be less inclined to support any America-British inspired war against Russia. This is Putin's genius.

This pipeline also kills the America-British plans for a Ukraine pipeline. Which is why MH17 was also shot down. The Turkey-Greece pipeline offers lower transportation costs. It is more competitive. So the US-UK hate Russia more and more everyday.

Then most recently, Putin has gone to India and signed massive energy deals with India. Russia is also setting up a US$1billion fund to invest in technology projects in India. That works out to 66 Billion Rupees, which is a lot of money. 

Onwards to China, the Russians are also active participants in China's very own Silk Road project.  A Chinese-Russian Innovation Center has been set up for exchange of technologies, new product development and so forth.  Things are kicking off to a head start between China and Russia.

So the US-UK hate Putin more and more everyday.

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