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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rizal, stealing from public purse is more dangerous

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YOURSAY | ‘The aide to the PM's wife is talking louder than the PM's aide.’
Hang Babeuf: Threatening the life of a person is one thing. It is a crime. No two ways about it. Making an ironic, dismissive or even a sarcastic comment about someone or something may be discourteous, challenging, but it is not a crime.
To say "Adios" [Be entrusted to God, terserah kepada Tuhan] to Haron Din is not discourteous in the least. To misunderstand that comment and "go after" the man who said it is discourteous. And foolish. (But it's grist to the mill of those who want to trade in, and compete over, "being offended".)
To say you don't like your leaders, who happen to be Malays, is not to scandalise and cast abuse upon all Malays or Malay culture. I don't particularly care for PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor. But when I say so, it entails no disrespect for women generally.
When I deplore PM Najib Razak's behaviour and attitude, it is Najib and his ways that offend me, not Malay culture and society.
Time for Rosmah and her staff to wake up, get real, learn to be modern citizens. It will be good for them.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Why does Rosmah need an aide, and who is paying his salary? The last I checked with the Constitution and the Ministerial Functions Act 1969, the prime minister's wife is not a member of the cabinet or the public services.
How can the antics of a few Bersih supporters be attributed to the organiser? Does that mean the death threats against Bersih chairperson Maria Chin and the actions of the red shirts can be attributed to Umno?
I agreed that freedom of expression and the right to dissent has its limitations, but Rosmah is not the right person to define such limitations.
What is "racial" about Bersih? Bersih 1 to 3 was dominated by Malays and Bersih 4 had more Chinese. So what? Do public protests in Malaysia have to be defined by race and religion?
What Rosmah needs to remember is that she is not a national leader. Politicians are servants of the people and not their masters. The sooner Rosmah learns some humility, the better for her.
Jaycee: Rosmah’s aide Rizal Mansor, what about the people who steal from the taxpayers and spend the money lavishly on themselves? Isn't that more dangerous?
And how to have unity where the government practices race-based policies and racism? And what about the rigged election where a party with a minority of popular votes refuses to concede defeat?
Drngsc: I am very impressed. The aide to the PM's wife, who should be quiet, is talking more and louder than the PM's aide.
Please know that the wife of PM is not an elected position and neither she nor her aide have any business to make any public comments about public life and policy.
It is important to note that Bersih is not race-based and it is not Bersih's tradition to mock public figures.
Bersih is for free and fair elections and the whole of Malaysia is very, very angry that PM has allegedly stolen US$783 million of our money and put it into his personal bank account.
Of course, in Bersih 4, some young people were so angry that they made their anger public. The police have investigated this and taken action. That is the law and the proper way.
Vent: This is defending the indefensible by comparing oranges to apples. And just look who's talking? An "aide" to a prime minister's wife! This is unheard of in nations considered democratic.
So, who pays his salary? Najib with his unearned millions in his bank account or Rosmah with her life-long savings?
RKR: Rizal should be the second last person to talk about double standard. The last is Najib. How can you pretend to save the Malays and Malaysia when your bosses are allegedly stealing billions from the people?
Hagai: "Uncharacteristically, she (Maria) seems oblivious that the actions of Bersih supporters have caused deep anger and revulsion among a large segment of Malaysians who resent using race-based processions and traditions to mock the leaders of another race."
What rubbish is Rizal talking about?
Worldly Wise: Umno is the repository of ethnic discrimination. They look at everything from the ethnicity point of view. For them, it does not matter if the whole country goes down.
Malaysia is a third world country and not in the first world because of Umno. Instead of improving the Malays, they keep the Malays dumb.
In primary schools, secondary schools and universities, Malays do not perform well. It is all because of Umno's failure to improve the Malays.
Anonymous 706151436780066: Rizal has not understood the criminal significance of spending money you never earned or having money in your possession you can't account for.
He may need to learn the social significance of telling the truth lest he be forced to explain his actions in the afterlife in a divine court.
Anonymous 759201436321741: Notice something? Top echelon Umno politicians now keep their distance and avoid making public statements, especially to Malaysiakini, in the defence of MO1.
Perhaps they already saw the writing on the wall and try to avoid being a political casualty in GE14.
Anonymous_1419577444: Rosmah is just the wife of the prime minister. She does not have any official role in the government of Malaysia.
Nothing in the Malaysian constitution and laws says she is accorded the title ‘First Lady of Malaysia’ (Flom).

Therefore, who the heck is Rizal to speak like he is some government official with authority? He is just a butler in Najib's household. - Mkini


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