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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So, taking ‘public money’ okay as long as it goes to Umno?

YOURSAY | ‘There is also evidence of the said money being spent on jewellery and clothing.
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YOURSAY | ‘There is also evidence of the said money being spent on jewellery and clothing.’
Negarawan: "All political funding channelled to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak have been disbursed to Umno divisions accordingly," Umno information chief Annuar Musa says.
We know for sure that this cannot be further from the truth. Political funding must be channelled to Umno's party account, not Najib's personal accounts.
There is also overwhelming evidence of the said money being spent on luxury holidays, jewellery and clothing. Surely these have nothing to do with Umno.
Basically: Annuar said, “But usually, our bank accounts are safe and banks will not divulge what is usually private information.”
Really? Then what is the party auditor's role for? And why wasn’t it detailed in the party accounts that must be passed at the AGM (annual general meeting), as your ex-Langkawi member Anina Saadudin claimed before you sacked her?
How come the deputy president also didn’t know about it? Please, your stories don’t tally. As they say, if you tell the truth, you don't have to worry about contradicting yourself.
Existential Turd: According to Umno, corruption is okay as long as you are not found out. But even if it is found out, you can claim it to be a "donation".
GE14Now!: I am thoroughly confounded by Annuar's comments. Did the PM not say that he had returned the bulk of the so-called 'donation'? And now you say that all that money has been disbursed to Umno divisions?
Which is it? Was it returned or given out? It is one or the other - but of course in Bolehland, you can always have the illusion of one over the other.
What is patently obvious here is that Annuar is another one of Umno ministers who have been economical with the truth.
Hardboiled: Isn't this confirmation that the election rules have been breached?
If you add up all the monies that MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) has received directly, and according Annuar, all these were dispersed to Umno for election machinery, it is clearly too much.
Also, are you saying that MO1 deliberately used monies from SRC International, that he did not know of? Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), where are you? In fact, where is everybody?
Anonymous 1545651439185163: Yes, Annuar, can you explain how RM42 million from SRC (part of the loan from civil servants’ pension fund KWAP) can be transferred to Umno for election expenses?
Onlooker: I would suggest that as Annuar had said Umno division chiefs received cheques signed by Najib, just find the records of those cheques and a couple more of the puzzle pieces, and all would be able to fit together.
Well Thats Fantastic: They bought the last election and made a big down payment on the next one. Clearly, we have an illegitimate government.
Bumiputhran: It is the legitimacy of source of funds that is of worldwide concern and not its usage. Annuar, please get your thinking clear on this. Try not to legitimise the alleged theft of public money for private political use.
Just a Voter: There was a need to draft new laws to govern political funding in Malaysia to prevent the abuse of funds and ensure that they are utilised for legitimate purposes.
It will also help to put a stop to public concerns over how political parties manage their ‘donations’.
Roguekiller: Annuar, is this explanation something new which just came out of the oven? Those monies landed in Najib's account were from 1MDB, which were channelled out to a few intermediary banks before rerouted to PM's account.
There is no need to tell a grandmother story here; get rid of the alleged thief and normalcy shall return.
Trueglitter: Emerging with guns blazing particularly at former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad by the opportunistic Annuar, with a view of stringently defending his embattled and controversial master, Najib's innocence at the overwhelming accusations of the latter's apparent involvement in the 1MDB scandals, would inevitably be perceived by observers as the last roll of the political dice by Umno-BN in its desperate attempt to garner the people's invaluable support in the face of the impending GE14 election.
However assertive or in whatever ways Annuar may mindlessly execute his endeavours in said regard, the unforgiving public will now not fall sway and be intimated as they have now awakened themselves to the fact that such a rhetoric is merely a 'cruel hoax' insensitively designed to ensure Najib's non-involvement, as well as in acute anticipation that by standing up in such a manner, they will deserve Najib's rewards both in cash and kind.
Mosquitobrain: Annuar, MO1 is already in a big mess. Why stoop so low to protect him? Where is your 'maruah' (dignity)? We know very clearly, there's no Arab donors. The money in MO1’s personal bank account was from 1MDB.
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation has proven that. The ‘681 American pies' was a reference to the RM2.6 billion. The ‘Arab donor’ was Jho Low. We know better than you.
Just a Malaysian: If a PM steals and give some of the money to his party, it does not make him free of crime. In fact, he has broken a few laws.
Anonymous 1230461438193244: All these ‘dedak’ (animal feed) eaters are still in denial, and it is understandable.

If - sorry, not if but when - MO1 falls, they will all fall with him. It's not rocket science, is it? -Mkini

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