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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

They’ll cut off our hands, not theirs: Zaid on Umno, PAS enforcing hudud

In a speech delivered in the capital of the PAS stronghold of Kelantan, Zaid Ibrahim rained criticism on PAS and Umno and questioned their Islamic credentials.
The former law minister, who uploaded excerpts of his speech in his blog this afternoon, claimed the leaders of the two parties were not qualified to implement hudud.
“They are an arrogant bunch of hopeless leaders.
“If we allow them to cut off hands for stealing, it is our hands they will cut - not theirs. Their theft will be protected by the Official Secrets Act.
“If people are to be stoned for sexual offences, only those in the opposition will be stoned, because those in PAS and Umno will protect their own people,” he added.
Zaid said while he had no problems with God’s laws, he, however, noted that it needed to be implemented by human beings.
“They are arrogant to the highest degree. Only they know anything about Islam and others have no business questioning them.
“Just listen carefully to their statements and observe their conduct and you will find that these leaders, whether political or religious, are similar to the Taliban.
“They want all of us to follow them without question; and if we do not, then we are ‘bad Muslims’,” he added.
Also present at the Kelantan event last week was Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and Zaid noted how the former prime minister was not given a police escort when he arrived in Kuala Lumpur.
“This is how we treat our leader who has done so much for our country.“There is no consideration for the safety of the old man, just hatred because he has criticised the prime minister. This is the type of Muslim leader we have today,” he said.

In Kota Bharu, Zaid said when he was looking for premises to hold the ceramah, he was informed that if former Kelantan PAS leader Husam Musa was a speaker then the premises could not be used.
“There is now a circular from the state government prohibiting anyone working in the government or government-linked companies from helping or being involved with the new party, Amanah, but the circular did not prohibit the same people from working for PAS.
“This is the sort of double standard that PAS has adopted, and they learn these tricks from Umno. Both parties are hypocrites,” he added. - Mkini

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