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Sunday, December 25, 2016


On 3rd December 2016, Mahathir and Kit Siang sealed a deal that Boboi will become PM with Kit Siang as his deputy. That is why Mahathir no longer wants to talk about the matter lest the Malays get upset. Meanwhile, Rafizi has come out with a silly plan on how to make Anwar the PM. Mahathir has actually killed off Anwar but Rafizi is too stupid to realise that Anwar is finished. It really does not matter whether Wan Azizah or Boboi becomes the PM because Kit Siang will be DPM either way. And then, during PKR’s party election, Azmin, who already has the numbers, will go for the presidency and will take over from Wan Azizah.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
(Malaysiakini, 22 December 2016) – Dr Mahathir Mohamad has advised the opposition against naming their choice for prime minister now. “If we name the PM there will be others who will be disappointed and there will be quarrels among us. At the moment we can’t name the PM,” Mahathir said when met at the Malaysiakini office tonight.
(Malay Mail Online, 23 December 2016) – When asked when would be the perfect time for the Opposition to unveil its candidate, he said: “Near the elections perhaps. It must be by popular support of all parties, not just by one party,” he added.
Earlier, Lim Kit Siang said that Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Muhyiddin Yassin will be made interim or temporary Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively if the DAP-led opposition wins the next general election. Kit Siang also said that the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan’s earlier endorsement of Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister remains unchanged even though the Federal Court recently dismissed his application for a judicial review of his sodomy conviction and five-year jail sentence.
Rafizi Ramli, on the other hand, explained how Anwar will be made Prime Minister in spite of his current ineligibility (READ MORE HERE). Actually, on 3rd December 2016, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang had already sealed a deal on Boboi becoming Prime Minister with Kit Siang as his Deputy.
That is why Mahathir now says there should be no discussion at this stage about who is going to become the PM and DPM or else the opposition will start quarrelling. In fact, in case you have not noticed, they are already quarrelling.
The issue of who should hold this post or that post has always been a thorn in the opposition’s side. Even the issue of how many seats each party gets and where these seats will be has never been an easy matter. Until today that issue has still not been resolved as well.
There are only 222 parliament seats but if we total up the demands of each party we would need 350 seats. And half those seats are going to be four-corner or more contests with the rest at least three-corner contests. That was why last night Mahathir warned the opposition that he won five general elections because the opposition was not united. Mahathir is worried that the same is going to happen in the next general election: which is the opposition is still going to be divided.
To pacify PKR and PAN, Kit Siang proposed Wan Azizah as the interim or temporary PM until Anwar can take over from his wife — after he gets pardoned, released from jail, contests a by-election, wins the by-election, and gets the royal consent to take over as PM. Then, to pacify Mahathir, Kit Siang proposes Muhyiddin as the DPM.
Kit Siang thought he was being very clever by proposing something that is never going to happen. By taking this very safe route he feels he will please both partners at the same time. And it is safe because he knows Anwar can never get his pardon, which means he will not be eligible to become PM until way past his 80th birthday, or more than ten years from now. In short, Anwar is never going to be PM.
Kit Siang also knows that Rafizi’s plan on how to make Anwar the PM is stupid and will never work. Rafizi’s plan is as stupid as his ‘Kajang Move’, which proved an epic disaster. Rafizi is now world-famous for coming out with the most silliest of plans and anything that he proposes you can assume is going to fail from the word go and even before it can take off.
Nevertheless, either way Kit Siang wins. It does not matter who becomes PM. Kit Siang will still be the DPM. And with Muhyiddin’s sex scandal about to get worse once the religious department takes action, Muhyiddin has lost even before the race can start. Whether Boboi or Fan Lady becomes PM, Kit Siang and not the disgraced Muhyiddin is still the number two. And as number two, plus the post of Finance Minister added to that, effectively he and not the PM will be running the country.
Mahathir-DAP covention
Out of desperation, Kit Siang begged Mahathir to attend the DAP convention the day after Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak revealed that the next general election is going to be an Umno-led coalition against a DAP-led coalition. In short it is going to be a Malay-led group versus a Chinese-led group.
To remove the stigma that the opposition is DAP-led or Chinese-led, Kit Siang needed Mahathir’s presence at the DAP convention. But then earlier they had announced that DAP was not inviting Mahathir. Knowing how desperate Kit Siang was, Mahathir pressed his advantage and asked Kit Siang to agree to Boboi as PM.
Kit Siang saw this coming and he was prepared. When Mahathir asked Kit Siang to endorse Boboi as PM, Kit Siang threw in his own terms and asked Mahathir to endorse him as DPM and Finance Minister. Mahathir did not care about that. He just wanted to make Boboi the PM and he knew that unless Kit Siang agrees then it is not going to happen. So Mahathir agreed to Kit Siang’s counter-proposal.
But the Malays in PKR and PAN will find this very hard to accept. And the Umno Malays plus the fence-sitters will also reject this plan. But then Pribumi needs the Malay votes. So Mahathir wants the opposition to not talk about who is going to become PM and DPM until after the general election and when, Mahathir hopes, the DAP-led opposition will win.
This is an explosive issue and discussing it in public will result in the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan losing the general election plus Pribumi is going to get totally wiped out. So a gag order has been issued to no longer talk about who is going to be PM and DPM in the event the opposition wins the next general election.
Basically this is a case of Melayu tipu Melayu. While Mahathir tipu Melayu about his signed and sealed deal with Kit Siang, Rafizi tipu Melayu with his strategy on how Anwar is going to become PM within three months after the opposition wins the next general election. Rafizi’s plan on how to make Anwar the PM is as stupid as his Kajang Move and both Kit Siang and Mahathir know this. So they are allowing Rafizi to talk, even how stupid his plan may be, as long as it keeps PKR and PAN quiet.
In case you have not noticed, PKR and PAN only talk about Anwar for PM. They never discuss the post of DPM. Only Kit Siang talks about the DPM because he wants to hide the fact that he is going to be the DPM. And Kit Siang mentions Muhyiddin as DPM knowing that this is never going to happen.
The Malaysian voters are really being taken for a ride. Meanwhile, a whispering campaign is being conducted amongst the Chinese that if they vote opposition then for the first time in history they are going to get a Chinese DPM and, once again, a Chinese Finance Minister. This has given even more reason for the Chinese to vote opposition and DAP hopes this will translate into 45 seats for them, which will make DAP the largest party in the opposition coalition.
Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali must also make sure that Wan Azizah (or even Anwar) does not become PM, even if sementara saja. If Boboi becomes PM instead then Azmin can make his move and oust Wan Azizah and take over as the new PKR President. This is also Mahathir’s game-plan.
It is crucial, therefore, that Mahathir kills off Anwar. Not only does Mukhriz’s future depend on it but so will Azmin’s future. There can only be one tiger on the mountain and if Anwar controls that mountain then Boboi and Azmin have nowhere to go but down.
Wan Azizah is suppose to warm the PM’s seat for Anwar as, according to Rafizi, they need about three months to get Anwar out of jail and make him PM after the opposition wins the general election. So Wan Azizah will not only be the first woman Prime Minister in Malaysian history but the shortest serving PM as well, plus the first PM who resigned to take way for his/her spouse to take over.
Najib can see the mess that the opposition is in, not only with regards to who should be PM/DPM but how many seats each party contests and where those seats are going to be. And the longer Najib takes to call for an election the worse the quarrelling is going to get. That is why Najib is in no hurry to call for an election. Najib is sitting back and is enjoying the spectacle. And once the opposition has hurt themselves beyond repair, Najib will dissolve Parliament and call for the next general election.

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