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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quit if you can't do your jobs, PKR Youth leaders told

PKR CONGRESS | The PKR Youth leadership got an earful from the grassroots today, and were told to quit their posts if they can't do their jobs.
Malacca PKR delegate Naqiuddin Nazrin said non-stop infighting, a lack of youth programmes, and a weak stance to important issues by the leadership have caused the youth wing to be overtaken by others.
"My advice to the top leadership, if you can't do your jobs, what are you waiting for, quit and give your (post) to someone else," Naqiuddin said at the PKR Youth congress in Shah Alam.
This earned applause from the 100 delegates present, with one man standing up to shout: "I support (this)".
Naqiuddin also criticised PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad - who was present - for not coming to Malacca to carry out youth programmes.
He said he bore the youth wing's leadership no ill will, but that he was reprimanding them out of love for the movement.
Besides failure to reach out to youths, he said another problem affecting PKR Youth was corruption.
"Two days ago, I asked a group of youths to join PKR youth but they said no because PKR Youth was corrupt," he said.
Naqiuddin gave no examples - but PKR Youth has been rocked with a corruption scandal involving its Ampang chief Adam Rosly Abdullah.

Adam Rosly was charged with six counts of giving the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission false testimony and documents in regards to the purchase of his mansion in Ampang.
Naqiuddin said just a hint of corruption has given the entire youth wing a bad image.
As such, he called on PKR Youth to return to the party's original ideals of fighting for reforms and to work hard in preparation for the next general election.- Mkini

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