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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Why would Sarawak Report harass a national liability?

YOURSAY | ‘When Michelle Obama goes abroad, she has many people welcoming her. Why?’
Clever Voter: There are two words to respond to Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak. Double standard. Civil societies have been so used to much harassment from alleged BN-sponsored menaces. The authorities did nothing.
DAP’s Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching was right to remind us of the red-shirts’ nuisance and threats. Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) is not to be trusted, the video was probably made to look like prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor being harassed.
Even if it was by a couple of concerned individuals, given the worldwide publicity surrounding the 1MDB scandals and allegations of their decadent lifestyle, the action was very pale in comparison.
Salleh has yet to experience the full-scale protests seen in other parts of the world. It’s unlikely the public will feel sorry for her.
Ipohcrite: As a minister, Salleh is doing a great disservice to Malaysia and putting his homeland in disrepute by mouthing off baseless accusations.
The British police can be trusted to do a fair job in law enforcement and if there are parties breaking the law in harassing Rosmah, then the wrongdoers would have been immediately arrested.
I can't say the same for the law enforcement in Malaysia though.
Headhunter: Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, it's time to sue Raja Petra again. And this time, don't accept his apology.
6th Generation Immigrant: Many people have been bought over in Malaysia and these people obviously will serve their paymasters, whenever summoned.
Reverse psychology is a more likely case. Unless schemed, who in the world would care where or what Rosmah does outside the country?
It’s just the same regarding ‘public tip-offs’ on khalwat offenders - why is there a public tip-off in the first place if and when the general public has no (personal) interests at all?
There must surely be individual personal interests before any tip offs can be useful.
Hplooi: Permata purporting to 'promote' smart students is a wasteful programme with an elitist approach.
A special programme for the 'gifted', or hot-housing your children to become 'gifted', is really a popular programme for the upper middle-class (not the general population).
So, special schools for the gifted are really a private sector initiative catering to the upper middle-class and higher.
A national programme targeting 'gifted students' (national and macro in approach) does not adopt such a kind of elitist approach.
Look at Australia where identifying 'gifted students' and having special programmes for them does not adopt an elitist programme like Permata, and is much cheaper and much more effective.
So Permata is really supposedly an ego-trip for someone at the expense of the Malaysian public who will have to be satisfied with mediocre public schools and hugely funded madrassahs and sekolah pondok.
Kangkung: If Malaysian Official 1's (MO1) wife is not doing anything illegal, what is she so worried about people following her?
Since she is doing such a ‘great job’ with Permata, she should welcome the coverage by all media.
Hang Babeuf: Disgraceful. An innocent, naive country lass comes to London and thereabouts simply to take some nice kiddies on an outing. To Oxford, Cambridge and those pretty places. And she is abused.
How can such gracelessness be explained? After all, it is not like this demure young lass had any connection to Big People in Power, to any High Stakes Power Game. So why?
It is beyond belief or understanding. No wonder our Official Good Guy/Straight Man Salleh is bewildered, at a loss for any answer.
Thana55: This looks like another Umno dirty tricks department job, but made it looked as though it came from their adversary.
Salleh, stop thinking that Malaysians are idiots. Just think, what is the motivation for Sarawak Report to harass a national liability?
Jaycee: When Michelle Obama goes abroad, she has many people welcoming her. Why? Because her husband did not steal from the taxpayers.
Determined Sarawakian: The alleged two Sarawak Report individuals can be charged in UK with the so-called Protection from Harassment Act (PFHA) of 1997.
The law defines harassment as “conduct causing alarm or distress - including speech - and must involve the behaviour being repeated on at least two occasions.”
After the News of the World (NOW) tragedy, the PFHA is now extended to victims of disturbing stalking behaviour by others and in this case, the action of the two individuals can be deemed malicious.
So, whoever who were there - and Rosmah is a wife of a very senior cabinet official with diplomatic credentials - they ought to know that their behaviour can be charged in Old Bailey.
Vote Bn Out!!! No2: Is this what you call harassment? In the West, the journalists go after kleptocrats. Indeed, if Rosmah is innocent, she should not be afraid.
SusahKes: Whether or not the said journalists were dispatched by Sarawak Report is beside the point. What matters is that is how the journalistic culture works in UK - the premise being, nothing is too sacred. Not even royalty.

I do not see these journalists harassing Madam MO1 in any manner. They are doing what UK reporters do - ask pointedly and directly.- Mkini

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