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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cerita "Minyak habis" : Dah Lapan Bulan Lif Pejabat Gomen Tak Jalan, Pegawai Tak Mahu Datang Kerja

Image result for lifts di Wisma Persekutuan, Kuala Terengganu rosak

11 October 2016

K. TERENGGANU: exhausting vertical challenge for workers at Wisma Persekutuan

past three days forced to climb staircase of 12-storey building 

all four of its lifts have suffered a major breakdown.

two of the lifts out of order since March 

remaining two lifts stopped working last Saturday

civil servants and visitors have to take stairs.

Visitor had to walk up 11 floors

hard for me to climb up so high, no choice," he said

civil servant on 4th floor said workers opted for leave, they cannot climb so high 

Especially those on the top floor.

some of our pregnant civil servants suffering as they climb stairs 

Wisma Persekutuan said efforts underway to repair all lifts in building.

However, he could not confirm when the problem will be fixed.


My comments :   However, he could not confirm when the problem will be fixed.

Takpa, takpa, takpa. 

If they can fix the lifts by this month, takpa. 
If they cannot fix the lifts by this month, takpa.
If the civil servants cannot climb 12 floors  to work, takpa.
If the civil servants take MC or take leave, takpa.
If the pregnant civil servants cannot climb the stairs, takpa.

Takpa, takpa, takpa.

I said folks, they will drive the car until they run out of gas. 
Then they will just get down, stand there  and wont know what to do next.

Its happening.    

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