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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Minyak habis : Sun is setting on Proton. And Syed Mokhtar Bukhari?

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  • Proton running out of time, money for turnaround
  • KL Oct 10 — Fast action needed for Proton to save business 
  • running out of time, cash for turnaround, Nikkei Asian Review reports
  • Nikkei sister publication of Financial Times (FT)
  • Saga latest roll out, car sales downscaling, waning consumer confidence
  • car’s new body sits atop second-generation platform 
  • evidence of Proton’s inability to innovate,” Nikkei Review reports
  • end of loss-making Proton if DRB loses majority 
  • national car has “negligible” international brand recognition
  • no guarantee DRB can retain profitable govt concessions in other operations
  • many of which date from DR Mahathir, Nikkei Asian Review reports
  • DRB would remain “substantial” stakeholder of Proton 
  • dont know if majority stakeholder
    My comments :  Proton can be saved. Just sell it off to VW, the French or whoever. No more subsidies, no more free money, no more easy loans. 
    Let VW or whoever do whatever needs to be done to save Proton WITHOUT ANY MORE mollycoddling.  No more subsidies. No more protection (either direct or indirect through APs etc). Enough is enough.  

    After 31 years the Nikkei Asian Review says 'Proton’s inability to innovate'.   In 31 years how many new engines has Proton created? Or new drive trains? Or "platforms"?
    Malaysians are paying three to four times the world market prices for cars.  The price we pay for a Perdana  in Malaysia can buy a Mercedes in other countries.  This is insane.

    This statement is also interesting :  

    • no guarantee DRB can retain profitable govt concessions in other operations

    Talk is Syed Mokhtar's days are also numbered.  

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