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Monday, October 10, 2016

Customs DG rubbishes claims of mole in agency

Commenting on killing of Customs officer chasing contraband in Pasir Mas, he says threats from "tontos" are not new for the agency.
KUALA LUMPUR: Customs Director-General Khazali Ahmad has rubbished claims that a “mole” within the agency had tipped “tontos” (lookout thugs) about a recent operation in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, leading to the death of a senior Customs officer.
He said threats by “tontos” were not new for the agency.
“Before this, there was a case where our officers were attacked by ‘tontos’ in Johor … it’s just that it did not involve deaths.
“Officers on duty know the risks and the threat posed by ‘tontos’, but it is difficult to predict when they will strike,” he told Bernama.
An English tabloid daily, citing a source, said in its report today that investigations into the murder of senior Customs officer Anisah Ali in a ram-and-crash by these lookout thugs last Friday could lead the police to uncover a mole within the enforcement agency.
Anisah, 54, was pronounced dead last Saturday night after she fell into a coma the previous day when the 1.20am crash occurred at Kampung Banggol Chica, Pasir Mas.
During the crash, the victim who was in a car with two male colleagues, was trailing a van laden with contraband cigarettes when a four-wheel-drive vehicle rammed into the car, causing it to skid and hit a tree.

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