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Monday, October 10, 2016

Dearth of law and order in Umno land

YOURSAY | ‘It seems police have been instructed to ignore the blatant intimidation of Jamal and thugs.’
Trueglitter: Incredulously, the cries of those Bersih supporters who were unceremoniously bashed and outrageously intimated by the hordes of menacing and provocative Umno Youth members and "red shirts" hooligans during their course of rallying for support for Bersih 5 rally would unambiguously be likened to the helpless cries in the wilderness - unheard and unheeded by the very perpetrators who had set their "hounds" loose on their rampage.
As law-abiding citizens, we are understandably disgusted and utterly demoralised at the state of lawlessness and depth of utter despair at which the nation has descended into.
Clearly, the unprecedented and highly oppressive measures undertaken by Umno Youth and the "red shirts" group have apparently been emboldened and condoned by the authoritative leaders within their party.
However, blood of the innocence will be on their hands in the unfortunate event their despicable and violent acts of provocation unpalatably become a disastrous confrontation.
Oxymoronictendencies: It seems the police have been instructed to ignore the blatant incitement and intimidation of Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos and his thugs.
And apparently the Najib strategy to stop Bersih from gaining traction is to intimidate and incite racial tension. The problem with this approach is that it is highly likely to end in racial violence.
But that's probably what he wants so he can introduce a state of emergency and use his new sweeping National Security Council (NSC) powers to imprison and intimidate, and shut Bersih down.
But he will only win if good men stand by and do nothing. Let's hope that there are still some brave men left to stand up to PM Najib Razak and the Jamal-led thugs.
Boonpou: The real sad story to this whole saga of the red shirts is the level Malaysia continues to allow these thugs, these low lives, to capture the media imaginations of this country.
These red shirts are not just samsengs of the lowest padigree, but a shame to their parents and grandparents.
I don't blame them at all. After all, they are the product of the mediocre and racist educational system that have been implemented in Malaysia for decades.
OMG!: "Meanwhile, Sabak Bernam district police chief Nor Azmi Isa said there was no need to probe the egg pelting as no one was hurt."
Yes, as usual. If I raise my hand, threaten to kill you with a knife in my hand and I did it in front of Nor Azmi, he'll excuse me. Because no one was actually hurt. What an idiot.
Anonymous #45527285: Indeed, this is the most stupid OCPD I have even seen. If he does not know the law, then he does not deserve to be an OCPD or even a police officer. Pelting an egg intentionally on someone is not an offence?
When did Sabak Bernam become Jamal's private property? Why didn't the police apply Section 105 of the Criminal Procedure Code to detain the red shirt hooligans way well before the incident when their intention to threaten peace and security was made abundantly clear?
Kangkung: These thugs are now becoming more vicious as they know they are invincible as no one dares to touch them - they are Umno members so they can do as they like.
Negarawan: Yes, this act of violence and hatred is reflective of what Umno really is. A highly corrupted party without principles and morality. Kicking someone from the back could have resulted in serious spinal and permanent injury.
Bluemountains: If ever Najib is pelted with eggs, he only has the Sabak Bernam police chief to blame because according to the latter, the red shirts have not committed an offence despite having pelted eggs at Bersih supporters.
The police will be encouraging lawlessness if no action is taken against the thugs who also blocked the road in Sabak Bernam and kicked the Bersih supporter.
Anonymous #19098644: A man has been physically assaulted in front of the police and they say no one was injured and no investigation was necessary.
So next time we see a red shirt come into our area does that mean that if they provoked us and we can physically assault them in front of the police?
Umno gangsters and thugs think that they can intimidate the rakyat. They are wrong. The people will reject the party of hoodlums, samseng and thugs.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: The intentions of both parties are clear. The yellow shirts want a peaceful assembly to protest against Najib's poor leadership, while the red shirts are bent on disrupting the yellow shirts by whatever means.
As such, the IGP should see that the red shorts as troublemakers, but why isn't he nipping the problem in its buds by arresting Jamal, who is behaving like the sheriff of the country?
Anubis: It’s time to face the truth, folks. Our beloved land has been hijacked by a crime syndicate posing as the federal government.
This has been going on for a very long time, but in the past they were careful not to reveal the intimate connections with their political overlords in Umno.
Now that Umno is threatened with its own inevitable demise, panic has made them desperate - and violent.

Anonymous_3f94: So if kicking someone is not an offence, and if throwing eggs at someone is not an offence, why is a yellow balloon an offence? -Mkini

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