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Monday, October 10, 2016

Is Umno instigating a riot so PM can shut Bersih 5 down?

YOURSAY | ‘Najib wants those hooligans to cause trouble so that an incident can take place.’
CQ Muar: Umno Youth exco member Armand Azha Abu Hanifah is displaying his false courage using the crowning of Raja Muda of Selangor as an excuse.
Bersih 5 has no intention to show disrespect to the royalty whatsoever, and the roadshow is purely a coincidence.
Herewith we fully declare and announce our profound respect to the Selangor royalty, and regret with sincerest apology for any inconvenience arising from the peaceful roadshow.
Armand's claim is totally baseless, a lame excuse and highly mischievous, and he used the occasion to create unrest and provocation. This is indeed a true revelation of the kind of "quality" leadership within Umno.
Henceforth, we can foresee the bleak future of this country under such brute hooliganism and low upbringing.
Trueglitter: The aggression and violent threats from Selangor Umno Youth to confront and derail Bersih's roadshow convoys would clearly be seen as a diabolical stunt and a dire desperate act, akin to the last throes of a dying horse, upon realisation of the imminent implications of PM Najib Razak's scandals and his involvement in the 1MDB saga.
Considering the unusual magnitude and depth of planning by the highly unruly and authority-defying Umno bunch of individuals are prepared to go to, it is an unambiguous indication of their emboldenment and ability to defiantly strike fear and create havoc to the community clearly has the irresponsible endorsement and heinous support of Umno-BN leadership.
The Bersih roadshow campaigners deserve our heartiest support and encouragement despite the atrocious intimidation through physical threats and abuses and their contributions and sacrifices in said regard would be deemed as a shining beacon in moonless night for all righteous and grateful Malaysians.
Flabbergasted Malaysian: I do wonder, why wouldn't these people request respect, transparency and accountability from those whose livelihood was derived from the taxpayers' money?
Why do these people decide they want to major on the minors? Why is it they are so ignorant on the real issues and instead focus on promoting gangsterism, the use of threat and violence, as opposed to what Islam, a religion of peace, is supposed to be promoting?
Everything is so mixed up here. God, help us.
Ib: Are they making fools of themselves again? By opposing Bersih, you are essentially declaring you prefer to cheat and you defend unfair elections.
And why should Bersih be afraid of you? Only the devil will fear the truth!
Roger 5201: If Bersih is so insignificant, why is Umno so worried as to send its gangsters to confront the roadshow? Does Umno know why people support Bersih?
One Malaysia: They are out to make trouble - and paid to do so. Bersih is spreading civic knowledge and responsibilities. You, Armand and your fellow hooligans, on the other hand, are spreading hate.
When next you pray, ask God to bless your thoughts and actions.
Clever Voter: Umno has shamelessly deployed its members to stop its fellow citizens the right to express themselves. Closest to such crude practices are those African states run by dictators.
One wonders what else have these people learn. It is disgraceful.
Rick Teo: These hooligans from Umno are now showing their true colours. What have they against a clean and fair election and to ask for the PM to account for the money he has allegedly stolen from the rakyat?
What Najib is planning to do is very clear. He wants these hooligans to cause trouble so that a racial incident can take place.
Then he can enforce the National Security Council (NSC) Act as an excuse to declare emergency. That way he can suspend Parliament and continue ruling.
Drngsc: Yes, more threats from Umno. Why must Umno always want to threaten Malaysians? Can they not speak maturely and be like gentlemen?
No one disrespects the Raja Muda. We just want the people to know how they have been allegedly cheated by Najib and Umno. Go and join Bersih by all means but no violence please. We are peace-loving people.
Do not follow Sungai Besar Umno leader Jamal Mohd Yunos and his gangsters. But then again, you are all the same. We depend on the PRDM to maintain peace.
Derock: If Bersih has indeed been infiltrated by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) as alleged by Jamal, would the red shirts dare get near Bersih?

Not Convinced: And more so, why wouldn’t PAS back Bersih, given their ideological brethren are already in the organisation?
Jamal is as always giving us another cock-and-bull story.-Mkini

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