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Saturday, October 22, 2016

MO1 Still Cannot Add : 2016 + 30 = TN50

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The New Economic Policy under the late Tun Razak was planned to create a successful New Generation within 30 years. So is TN50, which will span three decades, to form a calibre nation state as well as with par excellent mindset,” he said. He said youths of all races will form the core of the TN50 vision. The discourse series will be handled by the Youth and Sports Ministry under his patronage.

Oh oh does this mean another RM7 billion for yet another new set of consultants?

This is a confession that the ETP, GTP and all the other crap for the past seven years has just not worked.

Now they say it will take another 30 years to achieve TN50 ? ? 2016 + 30 = 2046 lah !!  So they have given themselves an extra four years (2050) for slips and delays.  Itupun dapat sabsidi ke?

You can hear McKInsey and Boston video conferencing with their Power Point PhDs - to dream up the next set of TN50 slides.   

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