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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The trouble with people like Tuan Ibrahim is he only sees the small picture so he can be easily manipulated by DAP’s Trojan Horses in PAS. Hadi, however, sees the big picture so he makes a better politician. Politics is not a zero sum game. There is also such a thing called a win-win situation. And politics is almost always about compromises and alliances. And this is something that Hadi knows and Tuan Ibrahim needs to learn.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
tuan ibrahim
Tuan Ibrahim: only sees the small picture and is fodder for the DAP Trojan Horses
I pride myself in being a student of Joginder Singh Jessy. Amongst his books are ‘History of Malaya (1400-1959)’, ‘Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, 1400 1965’, ‘The Making Of The Modern World’, and ‘A short history of South East Asia’. Until today I am hooked on history and am still taking history courses on English and European history (because in school we studied just Malayan and Asian history).
Anyway, what intrigued me was how 3,500 British could rule over an India of 300 million people. And they did the same in Malaya. For example, just one (yes, just one) British ‘advisor’ could run Kelantan from 1909 to 1941 backed by just a handful of Sikh policemen based in Singapore (who would be transported to Kota Bharu only when the need arose).
The answer is actually very simple. The British were masters of the game of divide and rule (or divide and conquer). And Indians and Malays (and even Chinese in China for the matter) could be divided and ruled/conquered. So 3,500 white skins could rule over 300 million Indians while one Mat Salleh in Kota Bharu could run an entire state and tell the Sultan what he can and cannot do (or else turbaned Sikhs would be brought up by boat from Singapore — and after 1915 by train).
If the Kelantanese had united they would have realised that 300,000 of them could have easily kicked out one Mat Salleh and there was nothing the 30 Sikh policemen could have done. But then is this not also how Melaka fell (due to infighting, as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is so fond of reminding us)? And Mahathir keeps reminding us again and again that unless the Malays unite they would face the danger of, yet again, being colonised by others.
When Mahathir talks about ‘being colonised’ he does not quite mean a foreign power like in the past. What he means is non-Malays. “Melayu akan jadi hamba di negara sendiri (Malays will become slaves in their own country),” is the mantra that Mahathir always chants. So Malays must unite or else lose their political power, is the constant reminder that Mahathir and his ilk dish out on a daily basis.
And is it not ironical that now Mahathir is the very man who is dividing the Malays and is placing Malays in that very danger which he said we must avoid at all costs?
Mahathir-Siti Hasmah
Mahathir and Siti Hasmah: reduced to sitting by the roadside
Actually, the British did not invent the divide and rule or divide and conquer strategy. Thousands of years earlier Sun Tzu already spoke about it. “The art of using troops is this: When ten to the enemy’s one, surround him; When five times his strength, attack him; If double his strength, divide him,” said Sun Tzu.
Sun Tzu also said the art of war is deception. So you must play tricks on your enemy and deceive them. Make them think you are doing one thing while you are actually doing another. For example, make it appear like Bersih is about free and fair elections and about giving Malaysians a fair deal whereas the real reason is to oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak so that you can ‘free’ the RM100 billion that you have ‘locked up’ under trustees, proxies, nominees and cronies.
And that, incidentally, was the whole reason why PAS refused to get involved in the Bersih 5.0 rally last Saturday. Malay Mail Online said, “Hadi glad PAS snubbed Bersih 5, calls rally harmful” (READ HERE) while Malaysia Outlook said, “Hadi slams Bersih’s Yellow Shirts street fiasco” (READ HERE).
Yes, Abdul Hadi Awang was smart enough to know the real reason why the Bersih 5.0 rally was being held and why Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang were so gung-ho about it. Mahathir has his own reason while Kit Siang has his as well.
To Mahathir it is an Anti-Najib Campaign and he needs very badly to oust Najib and as soon as possible so that his RM100 billion would not be in jeopardy and his political dynasty would become possible. If Najib is not ousted then Mahathir loses both: his RM100 billion plus his political dynasty.
To Kit Siang it is about making his long-awaited divide and rule strategy finally see fruition. In 2008 (and 2013) they succeeded in the first step, which is to unite the Chinese under one political banner. Now they need to make the second and final step happen: which is to divide the Malays into five, six or seven.
Let us not forget that the Malays were divided into three in 1990 (Umno, PAS and Semangat 46). But the Malays still retained political power. The Malays were yet again divided into three in 1999 (Umno, PAS and PKR). But still the Malays could not lose political power. So that simply means three is not enough. It has to be more than three: at least five, six or seven.
The first step was to break PAS up. That has already happened. DAP sponsored and financed the setting up of PAN. Then they needed to work on Umno and with the creation of PPBM or Pribumi they have succeeded to do that as well. So now the Malays are broken up into Umno, PAS, Pribumi, PAN and PKR.
But that is still not good enough. What we currently have is a strong Umno and a strong PAS against a weak Pribumi and PAN that cannot even get 10% of the members of Umno and PAS. Umno and PAS both have to be weakened even further if that divide and rule strategy is going to work. And if Umno and PAS enter into some sort of collaboration or electoral pact to defend the Malays and Islam against what they perceive as a DAP Chinese or Evangelist Christian onslaught that would be a major setback for DAP and Pakatan Harapan.
No, under no circumstances must Umno and PAS be allowed to sit at the same table for whatever reason (perpaduan ummah, kepentingan Islam, or whatever). Umno and PAS must remain divided and Umno and PAS must be internally split even more than they are now.
In the past the split in PAS was merely a split between the ulamak (Muslim scholars or ‘men of the cloth’) and the so-called liberals (whatever ‘liberal’ means). The media talked about the Erdoğans or the Anwarinas versus the conservatives (again, whatever ‘conservative’ means).
That was actually a bad strategy because it gave the impression that on the one side you had the true Muslims and on the other side the Secular Muslims who support gambling, drinking, free sex and gay unions. That would mean those in PAS follow Allah’s commands while those in PAN violate the Qur’an.
Whoever planned this silly strategy should be shot. Now the PAN people are known as fasiq or munafiqwhile those in PAS are soleh. To make this plan work the split in PAS must be between ulamak and ulamak and not between the ulamak and the secularists. And to give this impression they are using the number two in PAS, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, to contradict everything that the number one, Abdul Hadi Awang, does.
Mahfuz Omar
Mahfuz Omar: which party does he belong to?
DAP has a few Trojan Horses in PAS. One is already quite open about it: Mahfuz Omar. He has ‘Agent DAP’ tattooed on his forehead. The other Trojan Horses such as Husam Musa have already been ferreted out like rats. Husam was actually a gambling syndicate Trojan Horse as well. But there are others who are lying low and whose job is to engineer a rift between the number one and number two in PAS.
Husam: Trojan Horse exposed
That is why we see when Hadi says we go east Tuan Ibrahim will say we go west. Sometimes it is not even Tuan Ibrahim who prepares the statements but someone else does it for him. Many times Tuan Ibrahim does not even understand the issue. That is why when Hadi says he does not support Bersih 5.0, Tuan Ibrahim will condemn the detention of Maria Chin. This gives an impression that Hadi and Tuan Ibrahim are not on the same page and that PAS is split whereas the truth is Tuan Ibrahim is not even aware of what is happening.
Actually this is a very clever strategy and, if it works, this time Kit Siang will succeed in splitting PAS. Kit Siang will also use PAS to further split Umno by playing up the so-called Umno-PAS collaboration (which they are already doing). The Malays must be split into Pro-Najib Umno, Anti-Najib Umno, Pro-Hadi PAS, Anti-Hadi PAS, Pribumi, PAN, Pro-Azmin PKR and Anti-Azmin PKR.
Najib dan Haji Hadi
Umno and PAS must never be allowed to cooperate if DAP wants to defeat the Malays
Yes, that is the ultimate goal. Three in 1990 did not work. Three in 1999 also did not work. Five today cannot seem to work as well. It has to finally be eight to work: Pro-Najib Umno, Anti-Najib Umno, Pro-Hadi PAS, Anti-Hadi PAS, Pribumi, PAN, Pro-Azmin PKR and Anti-Azmin PKR. And when that happens the Malays will go the way of the Red Indians a.k.a. the Native Americans of the United States.
It has been estimated that at the height of the Indian Nation there were about 100 million Natives in Canada, North America and South America. The whites systematically wiped them out for hundreds of years and historians now call it genocide. Christopher Columbus alone is said to have killed 500,000 Indians. Even the Pope in Rome issued a fatwah legalising the genocide of Indians because, according to the Pope, “You only need to look into their eyes to know they are not human.”
Yes, history tells us that more Indians killed Indians than what the whites killed. And this was because the whites used Indians to kill Indians. It was the usual divide and rule strategy of back one group of natives to kill the other group of natives. Hence, in time, 100 million Indians got reduced to less than seven million Indians today or merely 2% of the current population of the United States and Canada.
That is the only way to go if the Malays are going to lose political power. You need to divide them and divide them even further. Look at Singapore and Penang as examples. If it can be done in Singapore and Penang then it proves it can be done elsewhere as well. And history has proven that the most effective way to divide and rule is use the natives to fight and kill off their fellow natives.
But Hadi is no village bumpkin, as many Malaysians, in particular the DAP Chinese think. Hadi studied Shariah Law at the University of Madinah between 1969 and 1973 and after that at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo where he studied Political Science.
So Hadi knows his business. And he knows what DAP is planning and is attempting. But then Hadi has a few cards of his own up his sleeve. And Hadi plays his cards well and plays them close to his chest.
Ultimately Malay political power goes hand-in-glove with the supremacy of Islam in Malaysia. And if the Malays see Malay supremacy as the foundation of Islamic supremacy, Umno and PAS will at last see common ground and people like Tuan Ibrahim and the other Trojan Horses in PAS will be sent into retirement.
The trouble with people like Tuan Ibrahim is he only sees the small picture so he can be easily manipulated by DAP’s Trojan Horses in PAS. Hadi, however, sees the big picture so he makes a better politician. Politics is not a zero sum game. There is also such a thing called a win-win situation. And politics is almost always about compromises and alliances. And this is something that Hadi knows and Tuan Ibrahim needs to learn.
Musafa Ali
Friend and foes can be blurred in politics

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