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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yet another lesson for a non-Muslim politician

YOURSAY | ‘Avoid giving your enemies reason to stir up trouble. Humility is the best.’
Kingfisher: His Royal Highness (HRH) Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has a pertinent rational in his displeasure.
In a multiracial/multireligious nation, it is very wise to disallow any form of discourse outside the ambit of religious canons in a place of worship, whatever the faith and denomination.
There is a common suspicion that there are many places globally where insidious attempts to infuse animosity and strife amongst civil society from the environment of the pulpit are often made deliberately by those with ugly intentions.
HRH's admonishment is much worthy of respect and adherence also considering his anointed role in this regard.
On another point, when there is increasing level of discontentment in civil societies, at times the discontented are remiss of their basic obligations and in a similar vein elected officials, even with good charity in their intentions, take for granted their sincerity and goodwill and overlook the norm and etiquette.
Kangkung: Non-Muslim MPs never learn. Never ever enter a Muslim place of worship to attend a Muslim-related gathering/function.
In this country, anything to do with Muslims is “sensitive”, so just stay away. And Pakatan Harapan has more than enough Muslim MPs who can go to the mosques or attend such functions.
Subang MP R Sivarasa, you asked for trouble and you got it.
Balap: Sivarasa, you are wrong. Please admit it and move on. Don't explain and complicate the matter.
Clever Voter: Lesson number one is that it is counter-productive, when opinion has been formed and decision being made, to try to explain it. It made it worse, especially so if you are not from the establishment.
Lesson number two is that avoid giving your enemies reason to stir up trouble. Humility is the best.
Vijay47: His Highness is known to be a fair and just person, with the well-being of his subjects uppermost in his mind.
His unhappiness is understandable if Sivarasa had indeed delivered a political speech and thereby gone against the sultan's orders.
I am sure that no report has yet been made to His Highness about Umno leader Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor making a crude blatantly political speech in a mosque, especially after the sultan had spoken out about the "Sivarasa issue".
As a Malay, Muslim, and a so-called Tengku, Adnan should have been more aware and respectful of what the sultan had urged.
We can be sure that reflecting his fairness to all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, His Highness will soon be taking strong action against the Umno politician.
Anonymous_1371455474: I think those commenting about Tengku Adnan, failed to realise that he was speaking in Federal Territories and not Selangor.
It is up to the FT mufti to act against him. Selangor has always been very particular about politics in the mosque. Even religious figures are not allowed to preach in Selangor without accreditation from the state religious body.
That was how the former Perlis mufti got into trouble years ago. He taught he was a celebrity and could do as he like, and the Selangor religious people cracked down on him.
Drngsc: Dear DYMM, with all due respect, this is the month of Ramadan. You have made your point. You have already instructed the state religious council to investigate.
Should you continue to attack politicians, it may be misconstrued that your Royal Highness is taking part in politics.
I am sure that is not so, but some may see it that way. Malaysia practices parliamentary democracy. We must all uphold the federal constitution.
SSDhaliwal: Is it not everyone equal in the house of god? Just because a politician is speaking, it does not inherently mean he is giving a political speech much the same as a doctor giving a speech not related to medicine.
Logically, crossing the line should definitely include misappropriating of funds from orphans, tabung haji and zakat.
Anonymous 29051438068738: Awkward truths have a way of bobbing up during a crisis. So let's see now:
1. The silence of PKR's Muslim politicians who have chosen to watch this episode from the sidelines.
2. The silence of the mosque committee which organised this event.
3. The total lack of outrage of any variety when politicians and thugs forced the removal of a cross from a church and when they paraded the severed head of a cow in the royal town.
In any case, should all this anger be expressed in the month of Ramadan?
Worldly Wise: No knows whether or not there is a god. No one has seen god. But we have religions galore. All of them claim to be the true religion.

If government leaders cannot address religious communities, but the governing party controls entirely for their benefit RTM and licensed newspapers, we can well be having altogether wrong people in government.- Mkini

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