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Sunday, April 30, 2017

After Hadi predicts ‘green tsunami’, storm wreaks havoc at Pas assembly

Hours after Pas president Abdul Hadi Awang predicted a “green tsunami”, one main capony and other smaller tents out of some 30 tents collapsed or were blown away by a storm that lashed the venue of the party’s annual meeting in Alor Setar, Kedah earlier tonight.
Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim said the tents were mainly used for food stalls and sale of paraphenalia and were located near the building where the Pas meetings are being held this weekend.
Seventeen people were injured of whom 10 were rushed to hospital, he said, citing a report from Kedah Pas chief Dr Fakuruddin at the Kota Sarang Semut Pas Complex, where the meeting is being heldm.
The big canopy and several others were blown away, said Fakuruddin. Many smaller canopies were ripped off and crumbled. The supporting steel structures could not withstand the force of the wind. Lights went off and everyone was in a state of panic and rushed for cover at the main building nearby.
Many volunteers stepped to helped and Unit Amal played a major role in getting things back to order.
Rahman said the turnout at the gathering has been more encouraging than the last meeting in Kelantan. Some 5,000 to 6,000 delegates have converged for the assemblies of the various wings of the party, he said.
Ironically, in his opening address earlier today, Hadi said the party would go ahead with a “green tsunami” at the right time to bring about change in the country.
Parti Amanah Negara had also come under scathing attack, with cries of “Jahanam PAN!” raining down at the Pas ulama assembly a couple of days ago. -anilnetto

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  1. Ini lah akibatnya....mengunakan agama untuk kepentingan diri.
    Perlu di ingat..Agama Islam. ada lah agama suci...
    melaungkan ayat suci. seumpama...membuat perjanjian..dengan
    allah...ingat ini hanya peringatan kepada semua..
    Balasan dan peristiwa lebih dahsat lagi akan menimpa..sekiranya masih berdusta dan tidak mengikut ajaran islam sepertimana sepatutnya diajar dan disebar kepada rakyat jelata. ......


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