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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Three boys drown in stream during a leadership course for 120 students

KOTA KINABALU: A leadership programme at an idyllic resort for 120 students went horribly wrong when three schoolboys drowned while trekking along a man-made stream in the area.
Hafiz Hamizan Rahman and Daniel Norman, both 16, as well as Khuzaimi Zakaran, 17, were with their group, including teachers, when they went slightly off the de­signated route and slipped into a deeper part of the stream.
A girl, who also slipped, was rescued by other students during the incident yesterday.
The three boys were pulled out of the stream by the teachers and fellow students, but it was believed that they were unconscious.
The leadership programme and camping trip was organised by SMK Putatan at the Eco Lake Resort in Membakut, some 90km from here.
The 120 students and 30 teachers were divided into 10 groups before the trek.
Beaufort Fire and Rescue Depart­ment chief Runzee Abd Thani said based on information gathered, the boys were with their group members and teachers trekking along the thigh-deep stream.
The students and teachers were supposed to complete their treks in groups and return to the resort for other activities.
families grieving after seeing their children.© Provided by The Star Online families grieving after seeing their children.
Tearful family members of the boys hugging each other at the Beaufort Hospital.

They were supposed to walk along the riverside. However, four students accidentally slipped on a slope which had culvert pipes, he said.
Runzee said the girl, who was with them also slipped and fell into the deeper part of the stream, but her friends managed to pull her out.
He added that the three boys were found unconscious by their teachers and were rushed separately to the Beaufort Hospital and Membakut clinic where they were pronounced dead.
Danial’s father Norisham Purah, 51, said his son had asked him on Thursday to go for the trip.
“We had planned a family outing to Tenom and I was reluctant to let him go.
“But Danial was insistent as he loved the outdoors, I gave him permission with a heavy heart,” he said when met at the Beaufort Hospital to claim his son’s body.
The family received the news of the tragedy while preparing for their Tenom trip.
Danial is the youngest among seven of Nori­sham’s children.
Meanwhile, Runzee advised re­­sort operators and teachers in­­volved in similar programmes to inform the authorities, including firemen, prior to their trips.
“We will provide a briefing on the safety aspects that need to be followed to prevent future mishaps,” he added.
© Provided by The Star Online

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