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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Harakah says sorry after report claims Canadian PM a Muslim

The report appears to have lifted a satire site claiming that Justin Trudeau had converted to Islam.
harakah-pmPETALING JAYA: PAS mouthpiece Harakah has apologised after its latest edition carried an opinion piece claiming that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has converted to Islam.

An article by Zainudin Hashim made the claim, which was first reported by satire site Vatican Enquirer, to back his argument that non-Muslims were coming closer to Islam at a time when many in Malaysia had suspicions about the shariah.
“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau converted to Islam because he found that Islam and its adherents in Canada were the best in their actions, and this attracted their prime minister,” said the piece.
Following criticisms on social media that the paper had carried false news, its editorial board said an erratta would be published in the next edition.
“The editorial board admits there has been a mistake with regards to the translation and source of the report in the article, and admits there was negligence,” said a short statement on the paper’s online edition Harakahdaily tonight.
The claim that Trudeau had embraced Islam, was first carried by the Vatican Enquirer, which accompanied it with pictures of him speaking to Muslim worshippers in a mosque.
Trudeau is known for his liberal and Muslim-friendly policies as well as his strong criticism of President Donald Trump. -FMT

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